What to do adenium?

ltran54(9)July 21, 2014

I had total of 14 of these in March, slowly one by one died, but these 3 still firm. They just sit there for 5 months without doing anything. Can any one help me with this problem?

This is chicken without the head.


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kodom087 z9a

Marie, about 4 years back I had cut off one of the big roots off my oldest adenium due to rot. I had decided to keep the root and cleaned all rot from it. It lived and never grew for a couple of years. It did start putting out some feeder roots above ground though. Last year when I did my first graft was onto that root and it took.

To me your roots look healthy and so I'd give it a try. With your success rate with your grafts I have a good feeling that if you do this you'll have great results.

This is the only suggestion I do have and I believe it's worth a try.


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I wonder if grafting something on top would make a difference.
Possibly they will not produce any top growth from a certain point. Many plants do not produce terminal or
leader from root stock. Wonder if they need something
to act as growth point??
Just a thought.

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Kirk and Rick, thank you.
I will keep them for another year, I hope they will produce new leaves for me soon. If they do, will use that for grafting point.


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You made âÂÂâÂÂa radical pruning! They need at least one space which has had to be able to sprout leaf, can use for grafting she survives.

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Grafting may be your best solution for these. From the way they look from your pictures ...I don't see any notches where the plant leaves a mark when the leaf falls off.

Graft them to make one with multiple colors ...because the flat graft union won't do for these .. you will have to use the v grating union.

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For 3 years I have kept one like yours. It is still alive but was pruned too low and there is no way it will shoot again as it has nothing to shoot from.
Best thing is a graft on top. Marlene

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Thank you for all suggestions.
I will try this weekend and let my GW friends know the result. It may not work, but don't know if not trying right?


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kodom087 z9a

Marie, my Black Purple did the same thing earlier this year. I had to cut off one of the big side roots to save it and the rot had gone into the whole stem. I saved a bunch of cuttings and cleaned out the rot from the rest of the root and caudex. After regrafting the Black Purple onto it's original rootstock this is what it looks like as of yesterday. There were no growth nodes below the cut so I doubt I'll ever see any new branches below the graft. Oh, and I had got super nervous about the rot so I ended up doing an ugly v graft.


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I grafted twin scions July 29 th on one rootstock to see what happen. After 14 days, I just take out the plastic and this is what it looks like.

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