wiring experiment

ronwelJuly 12, 2014

So last fall this plant was totally invaded by mealy bugs. My local garden centers just told me to throw it away. This is my first adenium though, so its sort of special, and i decided not to ship it to a landfill.
I let it go very dormant this winter to help get rid of the bug issue. By feb. It was totally barren. Actually by spring i was worried that it may have died.
I put it in fresh soil late may and decided to do no pruning. It seems to have come back happily, which is freakin awesome, but has four leggy branches towering above the rest of the new growth.
I have wired those four down and out to spread the canopy... and now, ill just wait and see if it works.

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I would really like to see this. Wiring has been something I have been wanting to try the past couple years.

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Ronwel, you did a great job.....It looks so healthy now and I hope it blooms for you soon.
You just have to be patient. LOL.....


p.s I am so glad you didn't ship it to the landfill.

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very nice plant!!!! hope to see a bloom picture soon,

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Thank you very much guys :-) however i wouldnt expect bloom pics anytime soon. This one isnt much on flowering... i have seen two open blooms in the 5 or so years ive had it. But, part of whats great about these is that i think theyre awesome looking, flowering or not.

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kodom087 z9a

Looks great. Can't wait to see the final results after the stems have strengthened and no longer need the wires.


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