Red Harssadee adenium

ltran54(9)July 17, 2014

This plant is still very small and injure at the root. It puts out many blooms this year, but only one at the time. I cut a long branch for grafted last Sunday. (will show them late) and few more bloom open yesterday. More buds will open soon.

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kodom087 z9a

Marie, hope you don't mind me posting pics of mine in your thread for comparison.

Your Hassadee Red looks better than mine. So far mine has only put out one bloom this season and it was 2 days ago. The first pic is the day it opened and the 2nd picture is the next day after it fully opened. And it pretty much lost all the blue.


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Kirk, I don't mind at all.
You see my pot is still very small. I take it inside patio for picture. The color stays on for few days. I like them around me when in bloom, if small enough, I bring it in patio for few days.


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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

I really love the dark red coloring almost looks like velvet. Gorgeous.

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Very pretty blooms.


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I have one of these! Mine has not bloomed and I did not know it will look like that when it does.

I guess I wont be giving this one away lol

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