Obesom on arabicum?

ltran54(9)July 15, 2012

My girlfriend Mai gave this plant to me, she asked another friend who delivered it to my house on the same day that I am about to do the graftings.

The plant was about 2 feet tall with normal pink blooms, I didn't like how it look, so I cut it down and grafted 5 scions on it. (3 double pink and 2 scions with "Triple Splash") Later that night I called Mai to thanks her, she told me that was arabicum plant. I honestly didn't recognized and ran to the back to take a closer look.

I read on internet about arabicum and knew that arabicum is harder to bloom, and it will not take any graft of any kind.

Oh well, I already did the grafts, and take care the normal way with others plants. To my suprise, all 5 scions of obesum alive on arabicum.

Any body ever do this kind of grafts?

I just gave it a new pot today.

It was only plastic pot in this picture.

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It looks healthy. Maybe it was really an obesum and not an arabicum? BTW I like the way the flat graft scar looks much more then the V/cleft graft. It's not nearly as noticable.

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Thank you Karyn, it was an arabicum, the leaves were silvery and back of the leaves had hair. I compared the leaves with my arabicum plant.

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