Red veins

juniperbreaAugust 5, 2012

I recently moved my dr outside to my shaded planter. It's not getting direct sun, but it's really bright. Our weather is extremely hot and dry, in WTX, but the plants new growth was dying inside so I thought I'd try giving it more light. It's south facing and I only water every two weeks or longer if I forget.

So the dr's veins have started turning red, or pinkish, is this a good thing? Also, I've lost two leaves, they turned brownish yellowish and then fell off.

Thanks in advance.

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That's common in many plants. The bright light causes an increase in the production of pigments (Anthocyanins). It happens quite a bit in my hoyas and succulents, less so in my adeniums. I haven't found it to cause any problems but it is a protective response by the plant.

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