Indoor growing

juniperbreaAugust 5, 2012

Anyone grow DRs inside under grow lights? Been thinking about going this route, cause I love looking at my DR all day! Lol

If so, what types of light do you use? What kind of setup do you have? We're you successful, did the plant thrive? Ect...

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DR loves full sun, if you have it inside, it will grow but will never have any flower.
I never see any indoor DR blooms.


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We grow some of our desert roses in an artificially lit, indoor setup year round. Yes they flower. Indoor growing is a science all its own and if you know enough about it you can do anything inside that you can outside. Metal halide lighting at MINIMUM rate of 100 watts per 1 square foot is where you want to start with your lighting. Once you learn how to control all conditions(light, temp, humidity...) correctly you can grow your Adeniums in an optimal setup and give them 16 hour days, 7 days a week!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of some of the specimens!

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Although my DR's are inside all autumn and winter (I'm in zone 5) they continue to grow and bloom. They live in our south facing 4-seasons room that is kept toasty warm from sunlight by day and the pellet stove by night. The comments on the MH lighting remind me of growing corals in the large reef aquarium we used to own. Water temperature and salinity were 2nd to proper lighting if the corals were to flourish. We had a mixture of MH and VHO florescent lighting made for coral propagation.

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I use a small light unit to raise seedlings over the winter. The lights are Sunblaster T5 fluorescents. I have included an electric propagator into the base for extra heat. Here is a photo.

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Here is a closer look at the plants, they grow well under these lamps. Photo taken this morning 22nd.

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Indoors I use T5's for seedlings but use HID lights for mature plants. If I don't move my mature plants into an artificial light environment before the days shorten too much I can't keep them from going dormant. I don't mind their going dormant because I need the space. Surprisingly I have 1 that was left in the greenhouse w/o any supplimental lighting and it's still in bloom.

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