Grow lights

juniperbreaAugust 5, 2012

Anybody have success with grow lights and DR?

If so, what type of setup do you have?

What kind of lights? Specs?

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I use HID (MH & HPS) and fluorscent T5's for indoor and greenhouse culture but not for adeniums. The vast majority of my adeniums are dormant thru the winter. Those that aren't, usually younger seedlings, are usually under the T5's. The wattage of HID lights is dependant on the size space you need to cover and must be a minimum of 4' above your plants. Fluorescents can be almost touching as they don't really generate any heat. The newish LED grow light set ups look very cool but I haven't read much good feedback on them.

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Adeniums do better under the bluer spectrum lights indoor. Metal halide or if you are using fluorescents, make sure they are in the 6500K range for color temperature. We have had Adeniums flower profusely under nothing but CFL's(6500K). For MH, 100 watts per square foot is a good rule of thumb. Add in some 100 watt equivalent CFL's for low-energy supplemental light and now you're talking.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of some of the specimens!

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

I try and put mine out in the sun as much as possible but if it looks cloudy or like it might rain i put it under the fish tank lights. We have special fish tank lights that aid plant growth in the tanks. Mine seems to have done ok under them :)

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