Healed rotted caudex

karyn1(7a)August 24, 2012

I'd posted about 2 adeniums that had been growing together that I wanted to separate. Once I got them apart I saw that a significant portion of one of the caudexes was rotted. I cut away the rotted portion, dusted with a fungicide and allowed to dry before repotting. Surprisingly it healed up just fine and is growing well. This is a fairly large caudex, almost 8" in diameter and the rotted portion was at least 3" so don't give up if you find rot. This is what the healed caudex looks like.

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WOW! Great job saving that one, I had no idea they could recover from a large section of rot. Thanks for posting that, very educational.

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Wow...good ending.....

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hookilau(long island NY)

Very inspiring. Glad to know it's possible to bounce back after this degree of damage :) Thanks for sharing!


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I've had small areas of rot cut away and the plants have done fine but I was really surprised that this one recovered. The hole goes several inches up into the caudex which can't be seen in a pic. Cutting out all the rot and allowing it to dry well before potting I think is what made the biggest difference. Not sure if the fungicide is absolutely necessary but I have it so I use it.

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