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hookilau(long island NY)August 29, 2012

I was doing a visual inspection of my wee seedlings in preparation of transplanting this weekend, they are outside. I found a cluster of teeny tiny orange eggs smaller than sesame seeds but not small as poppy seeds. And they were really shiny, kinda reminded me of the pics I've seen of red caviar. Camera battery was dead, I didn't get a pic :/

There was about 8 of them lined up in a single layer with an ant hovering over them. They were also pretty durable. First, I tried to hose 'em off, no dice. Tried a slightly more forceful blast of water but they were sticky & not budging.

I ended up using a spray mixture of a drop or 2 of dishsoap & a drop of veg oil & hit it with a thin stream from a spray bottle. That finally dislodged them and it was only one leaf these things were hiding under.

Any ideas what they could be?

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Are you sure they were eggs and not some type of aphid, scale or other sucking insect? Ants usually "farm" these pests but I've never heard of them doing anything with eggs. Why didn't you just wipe them off with your finger or a tissue or just pick off the offending leaf? I'd just keep your eye out and make sure you don't see anymore. Oh yeah buy some new batteries ; )

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I also have pests issue but they were not orange. I had aphids and they were yellow. They were on just about every single Adenium plants so I patiently use a Qtip with alcohol and drown them in it. I hate these pests and they make my skin crawl. After using alcohol getting them off of the plants, I use a strong blast of water on all of them so hopefully if I missed some of them that they will all be blasted off the plants. I checked it again last night and the plants seem to be doing OK with no visible sign of those pesky aphids.

I hope your pests are gone now with the spray mixture.


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hookilau(long island NY)

lol! yep. They're gone now. I googled insect eggs & found they are possibly some kind of beetle eggs. I have seen aphids on a few plants but not the Adeniums thankfully.

So far, this year none of my plants have suffered any ill effects from pests (knock on wood). They just freak me out. blick. Hope you're able to keep your Aphids at bay too Kuan :)

@ Karyn: I think the ant might have been a coincidental finding & not something directly related to the eggs. Aphids. pfft. :P ok, so bugs in general, lol!

The qtip idea was a good one, I'll have to remember that for the next time.


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hookilau(long island NY)

silly me 8) they ARE aphids!!!
I treated the seedling with soapy water followed by a rinse in plain water last friday (my plant housekeeping day, lol).

He looks great, but upon closer examination of his siblings, I found more of these little buggers. Thankfully, the one I treated had no more hitchhikers. I wound up treating 3 more seedlings (of the eight) so odds aren't that bad =)

I also found mealies on my Alocasia cucullata =( He was slightly isolated and no one around him was affected. He got the soapy water treatment too. Thank goodness these weren't major infestations & all affected plants had few enough leaves that it wasn't a big deal.

When I saw them all congregated around the new growing tips, I almost hyperventilated, lol!!! I'm ok now though, but boy was I hopping mad ha ha.


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If you can get rid of the ants it will go a long way to keeping the aphid problem at bay. The ants pick them (the aphids) up and carry them back to the plants.

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hookilau(long island NY)

Really? That's good to know! I'm going to pick up some ant traps to put on my patio 'cause we have lots of 'em. I didn't realize ants were that pesty but for when you find 'em in the house 0_0 rotten lil buggers.


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