fusing/binding cuttings

hookilau(long island NY)August 23, 2012

Since it is unlikely that my rooted cuttings will grow caudices, I'm thinking I could try fusing.

I have 4 rooted cuttings all about .25" in diameter & about 5" long. Through mish-moshed google research, I'm guessing I could score (in a linear fashion) the areas where the cuttings touch each other so that they will fuse to each other.

Does this sound viable? Then there's the matter of the time of year & climate. I'm in zone 7b, and, well, it's mid August :/ In the past, I had been more experienced with plant death than I was with plant growth, unfortunately. Al's gritty mix & 511 have both gone a long way to short-cutting the curve for me, so I'm functioning kind of at a disadvantage.

The actual cuttings have about 3 or 4 new wee little baby leaves each & I am currently acclimating them to the remaining heat & sun of the season before it winds down.

Should I not bother with scoring & simply bind them together? For the actual binding, should I locate grafting tape or can I use the stretch green vinyl stuff. Comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Antoinette, please take some pictures along the way and show us. No one reply means that we have no experience about it....

Good luck.

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hookilau(long island NY)

Thanks Marie :) I was thinking just that today!....It's funny how a thing can get a-hold of you. I just can't get the idea of it out of my head.

I started to think I'll just go ahead & take pics along the way. I have 3 hot pepper whips that I think I'll try first.

Since in effect I'll be attempting to graft 3 adenium cuttings together, I've watched a few youtube videos & think I can do it. First though, I'll try the hot peppers.

Thanks for your input Marie, you're a kind lady :) I'll take pics along the way.


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I've never attempted this but don't think that I would score the stems. Even though a cutting won't develop a caudex the stems can grow quite thick and I think will give the appearance of fusion as they age. The scored areas are an invitation for rot to develop, especially if the stems are thin. There were some earlier posts with braided adeniums and I don't believe that the stems had been scored prior to braiding. Like I said I have no first hand knowledge with this technique but have been growing adeniums for many years. Good luck. Post pics.

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