Getting cold out.

ssk22August 13, 2014

Hi Everyone,
The weather here in Ohio close to Michigan says it can go to 49 F.tonight.
Should I be worried about my plants and seedlings that have enjoyed the outside this short summer? Cover or bring in?

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Sharon, this is mid August and we are thinking about the winter already. Don't you hate that?

If they are so young, maybe take them in cover patio for those cold nights.

You have short summer for sure.


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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)


I just took all my plants out of my greenhouse, cleaned everything up and started carrying plants in for the year. I cannot believe how quickly this summer went by.

Also, I hear there is supposed to be a polar vortex coming through meaning SNOW in September. Who knows if that will really happen, but I'm getting prepared none the less.


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I cannot stand the thought that our winter could be like last year. Snow in September? That is just wrong. I was thinking I had a good six weeks before
Bringing plants inside,doesn't look like it. Yikes....

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I've started moving plants in from the greenhouse. I'm not sure what our night time temps are here in the UK but it's starting to get a fair bit colder. It may warm up again but better safe than sorry. Joy of joys the nights are fairly drawing in as well. The summer seems to be going downhill fast
Regards to all

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Hello Sharon..I feel your pain..

You can add me on the list for the shortes and one of the coolest summers on record..

Already into the low 50's and almost the 40's...I'm am just tired of trying to keep up and supply my plants with what they like best, heat and sunny weather.. I use to get many 90 degree days growing up, I'd be licky to get a few year after year anymore..
I am not ready to bring my plants in yet with lights or heat on...
But you are right, I have been telling everyone for weeks now, that it is going to get real cold real fast and no one believed me..It wouldn't surprise me to see frost this month and snow by next month..The jet stream is not normal and hasn't been for quite sometime..The east freezes while the west roasts....It's going to take a miracle for the high pressure ridge to move from west to east...

Ok enought of Good to see you and I wish you all the best...Life has been busy here buty I hope back to normal soon..Just seems like it's wrong to slow down when it's so nice out and when it seems you have to squeeze everythinbg in before it goes..

Sad to say, not a one of my Desert Roses ever thrived there with my weather and ended up in the heap..


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Good to hear back from you.
My desert rose ,some haven't even leafed out yet and it will be time to bring in. The weather is not our friend anymore. Take care .

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Cold weather, where? South Texas 107 F today, hitting the 50 degree mark around middle or late November

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Cold weather where?

46 degrees this morning and not one Adenium should be subjected to that in the middle of summer when night lows should be above 60 every night in August..

Here, where we have sen only 90 twice all my vegetables have stopped growing because it's just to darn cold and has been below normal since last December..

Should I say New England and the great lakes regions too?lol

Hi Sharon!


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WOW! I'd hate to think about moving plants inside this early in the year.
82 degrees overnight temps and 97 daytime highs in North Texas. We've only had about two weeks of 100+ temps, and this is a mild summer for us!! LOL


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Sharon, Averil and others!
Cold weather?? Yes....we have it here in the UK. Went down to 6.2C one night last week for us!!! The wind is blowing a hoolie and it's 12C at the mo. Summer went just as August arrived. Highest temp so far this summer was 42C in the shelter in full sun, can you believe that! Plus that means we have had a 36C drop (admittedly between night and day) within the last couple of weeks. It's no wonder our plants struggle! It is also managing to rain at some point almost every day.

Anyway, like Averil, I too am bringing my DR's into the house along with several other tender ones. They are just too precious to risk.

Gill UK

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)


It is sad that summer went by so quickly and we also had a very cool spring and summer. I'm getting everything prepared and have already carried quite a few of my plants into my greenhouse.

It has been raining cats and dogs here. My goodness my adeniums were soaked so that is why I decided to carry them inside. I have a oscillating fan on them now in hopes it will dry out the medium quickly so that none of them rot. Do you think that will work?

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