Tried to find the best planters for my seedlings; results!

NeonCactus(8A South Carolina)August 2, 2013

I tried a few different planters in order to see what worked the best for my adenium seedlings. I plan to order more in the future so I wanted optimum growing conditions for my next go around. Maybe my results can help someone else :)

These seedlings were planted on June 4th 2013. They are almost 2 months old now.

Here is my best grower. Grown in a clear plastic solo cup. I found this method worked the best. My guess is that the humidity from being planted 2 inches from the lid of the cup provided a nice mini greenhouse for the DR. I will be planting all my future adeniums this way.

All of the adenuims were started in a perlite/soil mixture and moved on to Al's gritty mix medium.

And here is a picture of one of my older adeniums getting ready to bloom! I bought this one at Lowe's off the clearance rack. It looked haggard as Hell when I first got it, but I'm pleased with the come back it has made.

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NeonCactus(8A South Carolina)

I've been trying to keep a relatively steady album of growth since planting. If you're interested in seeing it here's a link:

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Neon, that is wonderful system you have. Your seedling is beautiful.

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Excellent Neon, good idea. I have 190 seeds coming (sorry Marie, couldn't help it, that just happened, lol) and am still trying figure out which way to set up my "nursery" to get max. light and space.
I did find a local source for Turface CDN $13/50lb. which is great. The first bag of Turface I bought was less than 4lbs. and I paid $6 plus 12% tax. Bummer!

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If you do not mind me asking. Where did you find the Turface, from who?
I have purchased, just interested as this might be a better place.

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After several "contact us" replies (result of googling "Turface"), one reply is from Turface athletics pointing to Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd, 203-19315 96 Ave, Surrey, BC (604) 881-1323.
If you are not in BC, ask Damon Sump (DSump at for a rep. in your area. I believe he is in US and is a Reg. Distribution Mngr.
Rick, I modified Damon's e-mail address but I'm sure you know how it should look like.
Note to GW: I am not associated to anyone at Turface and am not gaining anything from posting this info other than maybe friendship from fellow DR enthusiasts. This product is hard to come buy in manageable amounts for us gardeners at a reasonable price.

BTW. that 3.75lbs bag I bought for CDN $6.70 was at a Bonsai store. I asked her if they carry Turface. She didn't. Then saw these bags on the shelf, asked what it was. She said that is a special clay to pot bonsai for water retention. That is like 600% mark up. The Hydroponic store wanted $45/50lbs.

Sorry for ranting and apologies to NeonCactus, didn't mean to hi-jack your thread.

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NeonCactus(8A South Carolina)

I purchased my turface from John Deere landscaping. It was the only place around me that carried it. TSC supplied me with the chicken grit, and Lowe's supplied the pine bark mini nuggets.

It has been a really superb growing medium, although I do have 2 seedlings being grown in perlite/compost mixture that are doing just fine.

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)


Your baby sure looks healthy. Also, your more mature plant looks like it has a bunch of flower buds on it. Great job bringing it back to health.

I have been using the gritty mix too. I am struggling with whether I will continue to use it. It is so hard to tell when to water with this mix. It is frustrating me a little bit. With soil one can stick your finger into the mix and determine when to water easily. I think it will take me some time to get used to it. I'm really glad your adeniums are doing so well. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

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NeonCactus(8A South Carolina)

Ladylotus, I water these guys twice a week and that seems to make them happy. I really feel like you can't overwater with this medium like you can with soil, which is why I decided to switch. I agree though, it is pretty hard to tell sometimes.

I had to switch over from the Miracle gro cactus mix though. A few of my succulents suffered from rot because of it, including my adenium. I don't know if they changed the recipe on the soil, but it was holding too much moisture. I switched and now all of my babies are thriving :)

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)


That is great news. I have only been watering once a week unless it is fairly hot. I think I will add one more watering in my schedule each week. Thank you for the information. Your plants REALLY do look healthy. Nice job!

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