nice surprise!!!!

roma0904(9)August 6, 2014


Last March I went to a local nursery, I foud some adeniums but all singles and pinks and there was one white (had 4, 5 flowers it was completely white) in the middle of them, it caught my attention as I didn't have any whites at the time, but I said, I promised to my self inwont buy any kore singles, as I was leaving I noticed the base of the plant was rotten so I ask the guy that it was all rotten so I got it for 5 dlls, it took a while to heal but finally I saved it

Since I got it never bloom again till now and got this, their not the same color, not complaining I love what I got

The question is, do blooms change that much in the same plant? Or it was just the bad care it received? Wrong soil, lack of nutrients Too much water?


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Can't answer you question,
but it's a lovely bloom,
I always love those that give me the "apple blossom feeling" ...


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The pink makes white so lovely.


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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Roberto, single flowered adeniums are my ABSOLUTE favorite! I think your bloom is lovely.

I have noticed in my plants that the blooms seem to change as the plant ages. Also, I noticed that depending on the weather (cold, warm or hot) and the amount of rain we receive and the nutrients in the soil do make a difference in the color, size and number of flowers I receive.

However, please know these are just my humble observations.

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It is beautiful and quite pristine on it's own. Good size bloom also.
I have found this year and I do not know why, but a few blooms have changed from first bloom to subsequent ones.
I post a thread called Dbl. Yellow Lemon - interesting change.
I am looking at it right now :). and one branch has a bloom same as last year and the other with two other, more yellow blooms as in photo and a looser bloom.
Jury is out on mine for now.

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Colour and size of bloom can change a lot depending on light levels, and probably other factors too. I have a plant that blooms cherry red in strong sunlight June/July and fades to almost pure white by late November.
Brian UK.

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