My Seedlings - Obesum and Arabicum

elucas101(8)August 1, 2012

I finally took some updated pictures to share with you all! Here are my youngest seedlings, the top two pots from left to right and the black pot are Obesum babies, the others are Arabicum babies.

Close up of the black pot to show the variations - the tall one on the left is one variety of Obesum, the other 3 are supposed to be all the same kind but look at the differences in size - especially the teenie tiny one!

Here are most of my Obesum seedlings (I still have 5 more in a different pot, ready to be seperated.) Most are just mixed variety.

And here are my Arabicum seedlings - most of these are "Night Fork".

And just for fun, here are my 3 older plants.

WalMart Obesum - it's a little hard to see the foliage because of all the other plants around it, sorry!

Big Red - I really wish I had cut that odd branch off now but it's gotten so much bigger I'm afraid it will leave a huge scar - what do you think?

My Arabicum.

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Oh my goodness, I just did a count and I think I have about 59 DR seedlings! Wow, it didn't really look like that many...I need professional help, apparently, LOL!

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They look great. You can really see the difference between the obesum and the arabicums in the very young seedlings. I'd go ahead and cut that branch but not all the way down. Leave a few inches and you'll get some new growth that will fill it the space. It looks off balance with that long branch.

You'll eventually whittle down the number of seedlings that you keep. BTDT with adeniums, brugs, plumeris and passies. I had 100 plumeria seedlings at one point, not to mention about 25 mature plants. I got rid of almost all the seedlings by the second year. I still grow out a large number of seedlings of different varieties and cull the less desirable ones. It gets easier to compost extras after a while. lol

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Elucas, these are great looking babies. So green and healthy. Don't you love them seeing them grow each day?
Little fat caudexes make them so adorable.

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karyn, thank you! Yes, it's weird how you can see the differences in them even very early on! I will definitely cut that branch down then, that sounds like a good way to balance it a little more without having a big hole from cutting the whole thing off. And I will certainly have to get good at culling some of them or find some takers to adopt them!

Marie, thank you so much! I LOVE seeing them growing and their fat little caudexes!!! They are just too cute! It's weird to say a plant is cute but they really are! You know, they tolerate the sun so very well even they are smaller. They are hardy little ones.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Wow, some great looking seedlings and older plants you have there! Seems like you are soon going to be extremely busy moving house when they all start to flourish and take over your home, lol!! They all look very healthy too I must say, well done!
Gill from the UK.

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Oh-No, why would you count them? LOL Now I counted mine too---
LMK if you find the professional help.

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Thank you Gill - yes, between the DR's and the plumies I have no idea what I'm going to do with them soon! HAHA! I love it though, these are so fun to grow. They are hardy little buggers and are just so darn cute. I am very partial to the Arabicum for some reason...they are so chubby!

johnsonm08 - you really made me chuckle with that one - I was like, "Why DID I count them???" LOL!!! Those with "the problem" know that's NEVER a good idea!! I realized I had conveniently missed, oh, around 15 or 20 but I'm NOT re-counting!!!

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Thanks for the photos, they look great! It is educational for me to see the variety in the seedlings. I just picked up some supplies and I'm waiting for some seeds to start my own. These pictures are inspiring. If you ever need adoptors for your culls, let me know.

I can't wait until I'm having to worry about where to keep all my plants.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Emily!!

My goodness...

They are so cute and healthy!!

Strong work.. it really shows!!

PS... I stopped counting.. : )

Karen is right, it gets easier to finally give away some of the same ones... it is hard, but it does get easier..

I have learned that this year!!!

Great job!!!


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Jake thanks so much! The variety in these seedlings as well as what I see in my plumeria seedlings are fascinating. They can be so similar or so different but you begin to see traits very early on which I find really fun. I will certainly let you know if I'm able to gather my strength & adopt out some plants! LOL!

Laura thak you very much! I love these little guys, they are just precious and haven't really even balked at our ferocious summer days which is crazy! They are growing like mad and I'm working through getting all the other bulk planted ones into their own single pots.

Also, thanks to all of your great advice, I took the plunge and lopped off Big Red's odd branch. This could not wait until next spring and I had already waited too long. I went for a short cut at first but then decided it needed to go all the way.


After it stopped seeping I put a coating of waterproof wood glue on it. Thank you all so much, I know it will make a big difference on the balance and overall look of the plant! It will get a real pruning (with your help!) next spring.

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Big Red is getting the tiny beginnings of some buds!!! I'll update when they mature but I am so excited!!!

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Lookin' good! The seedlings you gave me are all thriving--thanks again! A few are even growing multiple branches, including an obesum.

At least these won't grow as huge as our other obsession. ;)

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