Triple Twilight - First developed bloom

rcharles_gw(8a.)August 4, 2014

This is a photo a bloom of my 'Triple Twilight' which i received in 2011. Produced copious amounts of buds which grew to maturity, but then failed to open in the last few years.
Marie, had told me that she had experienced this and it may just take time. She was right. Thank you, Marie for teaching me patience.

First photo of bloom

This is a photo of bloom as advertised.
I am not disappointed that it is not exact and it may become darker with age. Close enough for me.

I have a few plants from Kukuan and I have the hold her in high regard.

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kodom087 z9a

OMG that is gorgeous! I will have to look for this one in the future.


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Rich, that is beautiful bloom.
When the plant still small with not much developed in the root system, the blooms may not fully open, but when it strong in root, it is show off time.


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love the color Rick, so jealous!


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That is so pretty.....I'm jealous too.i have three small,each opened a flower and they are all the same .ordered from Thailand and I'm disappointed .all the same blossoms.

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I am sorry to here of that, Sharon. It is a disappointment when you wait for them to bloom and get something other than you thought. Slight differences are usually acceptable, but not right off the mark.
Rinoa, has been so good and many of her plants bought by David Clulow
have been posted on Facebook and are right on the mark. Nice to know this.

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Beautiful is all I can say!


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Loved the colors, looks like the one I been looking for, congratulations!!!!

Thanks for sharing


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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)


Your flower is beautiful. Did it get a bit darker as the flower aged? Are you finding that as the plant matures the flower color is much more saturated?

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I find it interesting and odd all at the same time with these blooms.
With the Triple Twilight. It's first bloom started out with dark edges and now it is fully opened, the dark is gone. There are more buds on it and I am waiting to see what they give me.
On my 'Hip Hop' the part of each petal was supposed to be colored dark and the first bloom, I have seen on this plant did not have a lot of darkness.
Now the bud opening now, looks to have the true markings.
I pruned a few of my plants back last year and again this year. Probably not the best thing. Those plants produced buds, but all of them where half the size they where last year. Yet many people prune them twice in a year?

I really love the differences and changes I these plants. My obsession.

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Beautiful Rick. How special is a new flower to us adenium lovers? Marlene

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