incredible adaptation

roma0904(9)August 1, 2014

Hello folks,

Remember some time ago I made a post about that my adenium leaves would take the shape of a "taco", well here's what I have found out

At the beginning of the season when we started seeing the first hot temperatures around 90f my older adeniums would take the taco shape leaves but my new ones didn't, at that point I didn't see any difference between the ones that did and the ones that didn't, as the days past the ones that did it started going back to the normal form and the temperature was averaging 90f
As the season goes average temperature raises to the low 100's f ( as days pass maximum temperatures don't go 90, 91, 92.93, 94 etc they go 91, 92, 91, 93, 92, 102, 101, 103, 109, 108.111, 98, etc) my old ones did again the taco shape and the new ones didn't and they got burned especially my arabicum, this was back in late May
Last week we had another jump from the low 100's to the low 110's Every single of my plants did the taco shape and none got any single leaf burned

The 2 somalenses I have don't do this but they dont burn they seem more adapted to the heath.

What amazes me is the fact that they don't born with this "knowledge" they "learn" it
Here are some pics of my arabicum

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Last one
On the back you can see other having the "taco" shape

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So did u figure out why they are doing that?

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The heat makes them that way?


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Yes, the heat is doing that, but only every time it increases, after several days at the same high temperature they start coming back to the normal shape and they dont get burned


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Funny Roberto, my Arabicums are doing the same and a few of the other species.
I had been told quite some time ago that this could be a natural response for the leaf surfaces to not be exposed when the plant is receiving enough or intense sun. Always thought they would take most anything.
Moved a few to a location with afternoon filtered light to see.
Nice plants, Roberto.

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Your temperatures are not close to mine, you should leave them there, if above the 100's they adapt in few days in your temperatures should adapt faster, another reason I wouldnt move them, your season is short so don't take them out of the sun let them enjoy as much as possible they will be fine


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This is just an experiment for me, Roberto to see if there are any changes for this plant. Our temperatures are not as hot as yours. This is true, but our relative humidity puts our temps up. A dry hot heat is different than a hot humid heat.
I noticing it more on my Arabicum seedlings (or young plants). My large Arabicum, although just leafing out is not showing the same characteristic. The leaves on it are maturing as they merge which would make a difference.
Of a large group of plants alot have a upward direction rather than a horizontal one, but not as drastic as the yound Arabicums. I have notices in many photo's posted on Facebook pages that an upwards tip of the leaf is fairly normal.
Many of the growers in Thailand and Taiwan in the hottest time of year grow their adeniums under greenhouse roof which is coated with a Lime white wash and when their monsoon season arrvies it washes it off.

I find this all interesting and the correspondence and sharing of information quite good.
It is a healthy exchange of information.
Thanks Roberto.

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)


Very good observation! We have had very cool temperatures here this year and today we finally had 91 deg F temperature. I was out watering my adeniums and noticed all the plants I had outdoors in full sun had the "taco" shaped leaves. All my plants that are in heat but in the greenhouse and not really receiving that hot sun pounding down on them were normal.

I tend to agree with you that it is a combination of the heat and the sun. So glad I read your post as I was a bit worried seeing my plants outside showing this odd look.

Good news...I think I should FINALLY have a bloom open tomorrow. I will definitely post a photo if it opens.

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bloomnbillviolet(5 a)

Don't know but I would guess that it's a natural defense to the heat. Mid-west field corn, in extreme dry heat, will "curl" it's leaves tightly. In the cooler evenings the leaves return to normal.
If it was me I wouldn't worry about it.....

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Yes bloomnbill, I believe it is a response to the sun also.
Interesting how these different Genus of plants all respond similarly and some quite different to these environmental situations they grow.

I have a large collection of Rhododendrons and it is interesting (to Me) how they respond. Too much light and the leaves droop and roll and they do the same in winter when temperatures drop low.
All a means of saving water through transpiration with them anyhow.
Does not take much to get me thinking.
Thanks for your thoughts.

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