Sowed pink/white and got............

adenium1949August 22, 2014

Yellow !
I bought seed labelled "Touching Heart", one of Mr Ko's, and this is the first to bloom. The picture was taken late afternoon. I assume that "Touching Heart" was the pod parent, the pollen parent was unknown. I suppose that buying seed where both parents are not known is pointless if you are aiming for a particular characteristic, but still interesting.
Happy growing,
Brian UK.

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Brian, that is wonderful. Yellow is rare.

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That is lovely Brian, it looks like quite a deep yellow. I would be chuffed to mintballs

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Thank you Marie,
In fact it is more yellow than other seedlings where both parents were stated as yellow ! Adenium genes will be a mystery for a long while yet I imagine.
Happy growing,
Brian UK.

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Hi Brian:

That is a wonderful color from seed! How long did it take to bloom?


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hello Brian. That's nice. I suspect that further flowers will even be different to this one perhaps? It is lovely as it is, but a splash more red would be super. Please show us the later flowers when they open? Great usual, well done!

Gill UK

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Thanks Laurie & Gill,
The plant is 2 years old. You are right that later flowers may be different, the double red I posted recently was plain red in the first blooms but has since produced more bi-coloured red/blue blooms.
Happy growing,
Brian UK.
p.s. I have just received a note from the Post Office that my last plant consignment of the year from Taiwan has arrived. I will collect it in the morning, woo hoo.

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It's very lovely, Brian. Congrats on your bloom.

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

I love the flower of your seedling. Nice job on getting such a beauty. I love are my favorite and this one sure is striking.

Hybridizing is indeed an interesting adventure. I hybridized peonies, daylilies, lilies and iris in my gardens and it sure is crazy some of the colors you get when you cross a couple plants. I always think in my mind I will get this or that and seem to get a huge surprise most of the time.

I'm looking forward to crossing adeniums and see what I get.

Thank you for sharing your photo.

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I think it's lovely! I can't wait to see my babies bloom, but a good, long wait ahead! Thanks for sharing...


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What a wonderful surprise!!! Beautiful flower.

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kodom087 z9a

Love it! Congrats and well worth the wait. I've only had one seedling bloom this year and fell in love with it. I hope next year I'll see my 2 year olds finally bloom.


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