slightly soft caudex

coryfAugust 1, 2014

Hello everyone,

I love adenium and have tried to grow a few, but always ended up with major rotting. I decided to try again and my plant seems happy now. When I first brought it home, the one bud on it opened and then all the leaves yellowed and fell off. It looks healthy to me now, but the caudex feels slightly soft on one side. Not mushy, but slightly gives when I press it. I've included a picture and I'm hoping that someone experienced in selenium can tell me if the plant looks good. Thank you

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A pic of the foliage

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It looks okay to me. Maybe a bigger pot for this plant. Probaby it needs little more water.


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If the caudex is pliably soft, this is not always a sign of rot.
Looks as though the soil mix you use is a peat or cocnut coir based one.
The gritty mix is a very good mix.
Your plant looks to be in a black plastic pot, slid into the Terra Cotta one.
You will have to watch for perched watered as Al has outlines in his outlines
in the peat/coir based mixes.

The caudex can become slightly soft in both cases. Lack of water and rot.

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Yes, I left it in what it was in when i bought it from walmart, and didn't add any soil. I knew i was taking a risk buying from there, but it i couldn't resist. I haven't repotted because i've effectively killed every other one i've had and am paranoid i'll do it again., i'll have to read through the forum for tips. Thank you, i feel more assured that it's not enduring a slow death.

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Ya that soil stands out as very water retentive. Walmart has some cheap Terra cotta pots that you might thing if repotting with more gritty soil. After my repots the stress makes my caudexes a tad soft for 2-3 weeks till it gets used to the new soil. If that is just regular top soil I would be very carefully about watering it to much.

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