Adenium obesum

ellzeenaAugust 15, 2012

I've been struggling with this plant for over a year. First, new leaves quickly got brown tips and fell off, eventually leaving plant "naked". I was watering every two weeks according to instructions I got from some expert online. Then I read this plant requires more frequent watering and a certain type of soil. I removed it from the pot and examined the roots: no root rot. I replanted in easily drained soil with pebbles at the bottom (water moves out easily) and have recently been watering it every five days (or when the soil seems dry to the finger test). It now has leaves but one did turn brown at the tip. I read that the plant requires daily watering in summer (it's out on my terrace but not in full sun) but today the soil is still moist. I also read that in fall and winter it goes dormant and shouldn't be watered at ALL. I am without a clue here. What am I doing wrong?

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Ellzeena, do you give your plant fertilizer? What kind and how offen? I water my plants almost everyday during summer months. Hold off water during winter months.

Give it Miracle gro mix weakly weekly and see. Half spoon per gallon and see new leaves.

Please keep us post.


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OK Marie will buy Miracle Gro and follow your instructions. Do I water even if the soil is still moist from the day before? It doesn't get direct sun, I lost my southern exposure when I moved out of my house, but it is a southeast exposure so there is some sun. And don't water AT ALL during winter???? When do I start doing that? Thanks so much for your help.

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The more sun you can give the plant the better. I understand you're limited but as much as you can will really help your plant, as well as help your soil to not stay wet for so long. As long as it's well draining you should be ok, but don't water again if the soil feels damp.

Marie is right about the fertilizer, that helps a tremendous amount too.

I think once the temps start getting below about 60-65 degrees you should stop watering and find a place to let them go dormant. Keep us posted!

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Hi all,
I been reading and learned a lot from this site. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I lived in San Jose, CA. I was wondering if anyone in this forum are from the same area with me, I would like to have some questions about watering DR in this area. This year I have killed two of my favorate DR and I dont want it to happen again. Thanks in advance....


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