Branch tip growth points lost....

greenclaws UKzone8aAugust 31, 2012

Hi everyone, just wanted to ask has anyones plant done this...I've noticed this summer on several plants that the growth tips have browned, the tiny leaves seemed to get welded together with what looked like the sap, you know it dries to that shiny brown hard stuff? No bugs present, it just seemed to glue up the growth points so not many new leaves have formed lately.

Bonus points are that as a consequence, I can now see many more growth points are forming in a ring around the lost I should get even more branches next year.

Gill from the UK.

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I've had something similar happen on a few branches on different plants, especially my grafted and variegated plants, but I haven't seen any sap, hardened or otherwise. The tiny new growth just dries and drops. Sometimes the tip dries as well. The tips that haven't dried send out new foliage. The tips that have dropped develop new branches below, like they've had the tips pinched. Whatever it is has never spread down the branch and all have continued growing normally.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Karyn, thanks for your imput. Maybe it isn't actually dried sap that is at the end of these aborted tips, just the dried out growth point. Anyway, the fact that they seem to send out more baby growth buds around the affected tip is even better, so, apart from this new feature all is well with them thankfully!!
Gill from the UK.

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