Ordering Adeniums from Thailand?

Karatts(NY 7)August 13, 2014

I've noticed everyone says really good things about ordering from Rinoa from Taiwan, so I've decided to send her a message!

Before I place my order though, is there anything I should know about importing Adeniums into the US? I live in NY. I'm not really sure what the regulations are on importing plants. Has anyone ever had any trouble importing Adeniums from Thailand? Do I need to have a permit before I purchase them? Is there additional paperwork I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Correction, Rinoa is from Taiwan and that is where the plants will be coming from!

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Rinoa is from Taiwan. Not that it really matters, just to make aware.
Rinoa will send with a Phytosanitary Certificate. If your order is over 12 plants then you may need a permit, unless you get her to send in two separate shipments.
EMS shipping would apply to amount of each order.
There are quite a few that have just recently ordered from Rinoa in the last month.

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Karatts(NY 7)

Oops! Thanks for clarifying and explaining that all to me!

I have been trying to get a copy of her catalog of grafted plants, but no luck with responses yet!

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Have you tried to reach her at rinoa.ch@gmail.com. Or on her Facebook page "Orient .
She will contact you. Maybe away or busy with other matters.
Rinoa is very good and very thorough.

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Karatts, I placed an order in early July from Rinoa, it came quick. I was trying to help my friends, so another order placed and it was in custom in California for 2 weeks. I was so scare, but I got a call from custom agent. He was telling me to have a permit, I filled it out, scan it to him and the order just came today.

It is very easy to get a permit, so you can sleep better knowing they are not holding your plants.


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We ordered 12 from Rinoa. I live in Arizona, we did not need a permit. She sent them with the Phytosanitary Certificate. It only took one week. They were all in great condition!


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Karatts(NY 7)

Laurie, that's great to hear! I heard she has great quality adeniums. Shipping may be a little bit too costly for me right now (on a tight budget) so I want to try my luck at growing from seed. Hopefully I am able to germinate them and get them to stay alive! I've never grown them before.

Has anyone ever ordered seeds from Rinoa?

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I have ordered seeds through Rinoa and had very good results. Adenium_Ko is very good also and does amazing work with hybridizing.
Rinoa used to work for/with Ko.

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Karatts(NY 7)

Rick, I was thinking about ordering the Galaxy Eye and Moon Waltz seeds, but I just heard that seeds may not always grow true to the flower it portrays and that grafting is the only way to get a non-pink color bloom?

If I order the Galaxy Eye and Moon Waltz seeds, will their flower be true to the picture? They are purple and yellow flowers respectively.

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You are correct in that when you purchase Adenium seeds of a particular named hybrid. You will not get the same flower as parent plant. You can get similarities of parent. I believe that the percentages of getting just pink are becoming fewer with the good hybridizers around now. Always a possibility though.
I am hoping to find out, just what I get with a group of seeds that I purchased 3yrs. ago now. I kept 7 of the one particular hybrid to see what each have as a bloom.
If there is a particular cultivar with a bloom you really like. Getting a grafted plant is the only sure way to achieve this. Remembering to purchase from sellers with reputable selling record. Many do photo enhancing.
I have quite a few plants from Rinoa and have purchased seeds of the same just to see what I get in comparison.
A lot of good fun.

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Karatts(NY 7)

Rick, you're so knowledgeable! I'd rather buy the grafted plant, but Rinoa said it is only available from seed. If I purchase 30 seeds, is there a chance that all of them will be pink or that only some of them are not the same? I am trying to determine how many I should get. Also, do you have any advice on how to grow these seeds and how to take care of them once they've germinated? This will be my first time! Is fertilizer a good idea? Someone told me I should be using fertilizer for the seedlings.

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I cannot honestly answer that question in regard to likelihood of "pinks", as I have not started and seen enough blooms to date. I have had some, but I do not feel we can go into starting these with any preconceived notion of what we will get. Just setting one self up for disappointment.
Many people here that frequent this group have produced some exceptional seedlings. A matter of luck.
What I would suggest is to go to the bottom of the list of threads here. There is a 'search' box and you want the 'dot' highlighted for this forum. Type in
"Starting Adeniums from seed" and a whole list of threads from everyone is there and you will find this enormously informative for germination of seed.
I hope I am not coming across rude with not writing it all out, it is just that so much has been documented and we have to work with what is on hand for
us as individuals.

Get 20 seeds. You will enjoy the differences in their characteristics and
you can reduce the numbers as they grow. I am seeing people posting on a lot of sites with really good results (blooms) with their seed grown plants.

I do not use fertilizer until they are atleast a week or so. Then I use a 1/2 strength dilution rate. I like to fertilize every watering, because the soil does
not have much in the way of nutrients for them.

Take a look at the information stored in database here and if there is anything myself or anyone else can assist you with, please do not hesitate to ask.
If you do not have many plants to date. Treat yourself, if possible and get a grafted plant with that special bloom you like.

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Karatts(NY 7)

Thanks Rick,

Rinoa does not have the grafted plant of the flower I want for sale yet... any idea if she will be selling them later?

I'm fond of the idea of growing from seed. It sounds fun and I love watching my other succulents grow, so I am sure I will enjoy this too, no matter what flower comes from it!

Have you had any experience ordering seeds from Mr.ko or adenium_ko?

I found his website and seed price list and they seem to be cheaper for the same seed. I am trying to decide who to order from now! Who would you recommend? I would order from Rinoa if I was planning on getting a plant, but it doesn't look like I will be buying a plant this year! Most likely just seeds....who to buy the seeds from though?

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Adenium-Ko is very respected and I have order many seeds from and had one batch of seed sent to me mistakenly. I told him I would send it back and he said not to, to keep it and sent off my order. He also does his own hybridization and seeds are very fresh. I first heard of Rinoa when she was working with Ko and now she is on her own.
Rinoa can only sell what her suppliers are producing. She checked for me on one and they where not going to be grafting anymore.
Ko has his eBay seed sales and also a very extensive list which he supplies on request. Just contact him through eBay. He does not sell plants anymore.
I think we are very fortunate to have both Rinoa & Ko and many other suppliers that we can trust.

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Karatts(NY 7)

Thanks Rick!

I have decided to order seeds from Mr. Ko. He didn't have the Galaxy Eye seeds I was looking for, but he does have the Moon Waltz seeds I wanted. I also plan on ordering maybe 1 or 2 hybrids from him as well! I am excited to see what the hybrid seeds will produce.

Thank you for helping me get through this very indecisive time of mine!


EDIT: I've just emailed Mr. ko my order for seeds! I sent the email to adenium@adenium.com.tw (Is this the right way to send the orders? Not really sure how to go about this.) I sent him my paypal email also. Can't wait to hear back from them and get started planting these seeds!

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