Austrian Yellow and Dr. F. L. Skinner

lerosier3(7)May 13, 2011

I am getting budwood for Dr. F. L. Skinner and Austrian Yellow. Does anyone know someone in western Washington (or anywhere in the western US) who might be willing to bud for me? Neither of these roses are available in the US. I have a book on budding and could probably follow the instructions but I would not like to try on any roses that are hard to get.

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lerosier3, Burling Leong at Burlington Roses in California does grafting work. I think she's in Visalia. She was an associate of Ralph Moore's for many years and is an expert grafter. Or so I understand - this isn't first hand knowledge.

She does sell great roses and is very nice, though. I do know that first hand! Good luck, Gean

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If you're importing the budwood from an international source there are probably federal plant quarantine laws/regulations you need to follow. Unless I'm much mistaken foreign rose budwood can be infected with plant virus diseases we don't yet have in this country and they can be infected with them without showing any symptoms at all.

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There is no quaranteen from Canada which is where the roses are coming from. Roses from Europe are under a two year quaranteen and require an import permit.

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