most evergreen rose - need a screen

adamharbeck(WA Aust)May 7, 2014

So we had some very wild weather last night which resulted in my red tecoma hedge toppling over. It was too badly damaged to try and salvage. So I have cleared it away and decided it's as good a spot as any to grow a rose hedge.

I will need something tall (six feet min) and preferably evergreen that will make a suitable screen. I have a couple of mutabilis and would prefer something different. And fragrant.

Any suggestions?

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'Spray Cecile Brunner' comes to mind. It's massive, beautiful, and fragrant, but it does like to be 2-3 meters tall and wide. I thought of it because most roses that get that tall tend either to spread or to flop to some extent, but SCB doesn't: it makes a vase-shaped shrub.
Among the Teas, you might take a look at 'Archduke Joseph', to use this rose's European name. This one will grow very tall--you might need to give it support--is evergreen or nearly so, with particularly good foliage, and has beautiful fragrant flowers.
I grow the old Noisettes 'Blush Noisette' and 'Belle Vichyssoise' as upright largish shrubs. Both have small, abundant, sweetly fragrant pale flowers, with a scent that wafts.
All these roses are evergreen in a warm climate, and all grow tolerably upright without support, with the possible exception of 'Archduke Joseph'. I hope this helps.

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I would echo Spray Cecile Brunner. Just be careful not to plant too many! Here are pics of our 100+ year old bush. The first one is when it is not blooming, and has my DH in the picture for scale. The second pic is when it is blooming. This is ONE bush. I am guessing it is a spray Cecile Brunner - it is definitely some sort of Cecile Brunner, and does not have the rampant growth which the Cl version does, so it has to be the spray version, or the normal bush version (which I have 2 of, and neither gets anywhere near this big.

It is growing in No Cal, zone 9 - classic Mediterranean climate.


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Here it is starting to bloom.

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muscovyduckling(Melbourne, Australia)

The Banksia rose was evergreen at my mum's house in Perth. The white one had a beautiful subtle fragrance, but the yellow one didn't have any fragrance. She grew it over a pergola - it would most likely require support for a hedge though. A once-bloomer, but it bloomed for ages and ages.

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Campanula UK Z8

you could look at Adelaide D'Orleans or any of the sempervirens ramblers.

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