Adenium Shipment

ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)August 6, 2014

Woo hoo. I can hardly contain myself I am so happy. I received my shipment of plants today from Rinoa. She sent beautiful plants and sent them QUICKLY.

My two favorite places to order from now are Rinoa and Anymanee. Both sent the same size plants all very healthy. I did not order from Anymanee this year but have in past years and was very happy. I need to order from Chris too but need to hold off as to not alarm hubby. I wish I could say my only plant obsession was Adeniums. But I have many more plants that I am always on the hunt for. UGH!

Drum roll...Here are my new babies.

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Here they are potted up.

Now I have a question. I do not like all the tiny roots on the caudex above the soil. They will never grow big and will always make the plant look messy. When do most of you cut those off?

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Lastly, they are all snug and warm in my greenhouse. Here is a photo of their new home.

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That is a beautiful greenhouse, Ladylotus. So quaint and picturesque.
Sorry, did not mean to leave out your new arrivals. They are wonderful and yes, Rinoa is quite a true professional with her quality, care and shipping procedures.

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Sweet looking plants and what a nice greenhouse and lawn!!
I have the same situation with the smaller roots. I've read on facebook that most growers trim them when they move them up to a new pot or repot them after purchasing. But, I haven't trimmed mine yet.


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I would be tempted to leave the roots from side of caudex for now until the plant has time to re-root into new pot. Then carefully remove them.

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kodom087 z9a

Beautiful plants and greenhouse!


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Wow...that is your greenhouse? It looks better than my house.

Those nice size...of DR so big and good looking.

I am very sad right now.
I placed on order with Rinoa for me 3 weeks ago, the order came quick. So my friends gather up a bigger order total of 54 plants. I was trying to help my friends, so second order placed and she sent them last Wednesday. I track the # and they were in California custom and still not moving out....I check everyday and still in California.
Did anyone have this problem?

I am so worry....


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Nice looking plants ladylotus , what color flower did you bought ?, your green house is very nice.

Marie so sorry to hear that , did Rinoa ship 54 plants in one package? when I bought 24 plants I ask her to ship in 2 packages ( 12 each), even shipping will cost more, but I can be sure to get them. I think you need a export permit to have more then 12 in a package.


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Jan, she sent them to 2 different address.
I hope they let go after a week, but still nothing happened.


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I hope they get them also Mary. I have heard from many in the U.S.,that if ordering, 12 plants is max. without permit, but two separate address's would still mean 27 plants/order. Here in Canada we need a permit for 1 plant, but the number ordered does not matter.
Either way Mary, I will keep my fingers/toes and what ever else crossed that they get them.
Is California not one of the States that has quite strict import/export regulations?

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Thank you all for the nice comments. I appreciate that all of you encouraged me to order from Rinoa. The plants were very nice sized and have some interesting root structure.

Yes, that is my greenhouse. I had an older gentleman help me build it. I saved old sliding glass doors for years before I had enough material to build this greenhouse. It took me an entire year to build it. I read through and watched a LOT of YouTube and instructional videos and put in my own electricity and water. All the material came from an old farmhouse that was being torn down...I helped clean everything up and the owner allowed me to take the siding, cupboards and some wood that was still good. It has been one of the best things I've ever owned. LOVE IT!

These are the plants I received:

Red Queen
Tinker Bell
Ruby Elf
Blue Sparrow
Purple Fairy

I can hardly wait until they leaf out and put on a few blooms. I am going to be bringing most of my Adeniums in my house for the winter as I keep my greenhouse too cool and I don't want them to lose there leaves this year. I am still waiting for leaves on some of my older plants.

I appreciate that you guys/gals have all accepted me and are so kind to me on the forum. I hope you all have many wonderful blooms.


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Looking forward to seeing them thrive for you.
Some nice choices. I keep looking at Rinoa's list, but I need to keep composure and restraint for now anyhow.
I am thankful also for this wonderful group of people that participate in this forum. I do not feel that acceptance is necessary. I did not understand this to be a closed group or fraternity, but a place people with similar interests can come and give of their experiences and knowledge.
We all had to or have to start somewhere and it is always a work in progress.
Thanks to Gill for getting it going. Many come and go, but it is like close friends. You do not have to speak or see each other for a long time and you pick right like it was yesterday when you do talk again.

Enough of this rambling. My appoligies. As Pagan always says, "This is a great morning coffee read".


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