Adenium seeds from Thailand to NY phytosanitary certificate

slofwndAugust 22, 2014

Planning to order Adenium seeds on Ebay. I tried US sellers twice, nothing germinated, seeds were dried.
I found information here about good suppliers from Thailand (Adeniumcenter and Adenium_KO). Now I am wondering does New York State require Phytosanitary Certificate to import Adenium seeds in small quanitites? I am planning to order 20 just for myself, so extra 5 dollars that Adeniumceter requires for phytoceertifiicate is more than price of seeds themselves, that's why I'm wondering do I even need it or no.
PS. don't order from seller named therealflorida101 on ebay, their seeds are old and don't germinate :)
Thank you in advance.

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I am not sure about NY, but most of the States do not require permit.
I am suprised to see the extra charge for Phyto. Adeniumcenter did not have a fee before for Phyto?
Adenium_ko from Taiwan and Rinoa ship with. Phyto Cert. and it is included in the price of seeds. All seem to have different amounts per package though.
Friends of mine from Florida and Oregon order seeds with no issues.
Maybe someone from NY can give you a answer.

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Thank you, rcharles.
By the way, Adeniumcenter adds Phyto for free if order is over $50 and 5 dollars charge if below :)
Looking forward to get my pretty pink tripe flower seeds, on the other hand knowing Adenium habits of inheriting all kinds of random color genes and my nonexistent luck I will probably get everything but pink :D

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