I don't 'do' yellows, but.....

muscovyduckling(Melbourne, Australia)May 17, 2014

Hi again everyone,

So I don't have any 'warm' coloured blooms in my garden - there are no yellows, oranges or reds here at all, although I do have some warmer toned pinks. But after reviewing my rose order I've realised that there are quite a few apricot/yellow blends in there, including Anna Olivier, Archduke Joseph/Mons. Tillier, Marie von Houtte, Abraham Darby, and Felicia.

Now I'm thinking about adding a creamy apricot/yellow/pinkish small climber to my list, which will (hopefully) fit in nicely with my other pink climbers along the back of the bed, to tie all the yellowish/apricot roses together.

So I'm after some suggestions! Colour and rebloom are most important, and fragrance would be fantastic. Hardiness is not an issue here in Australia, but this position would be in a bit less than full sun (perhaps 6 hours). I will not spray. Ever.

And some more issues - I love the creamy colour of Wollerton Old Hall, but it's not available in Australia. I also drool over all your pics of Mme Berard... But the Mme Berard-in-commerce here doesn't look much like your pics, nor does it look like E. Veyrat Hermanos, as HMF suggests. Your pics of Mme Berard look like what we sell as Adam, which I love, but I suspect would prefer more sun. Also many of your HMs and found teas are not available here.

I love this forum but sometimes - being that I'm in Australia - it drives me mad!

Thanks in advance :)

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

In a warm climate I would think six hours of sun would be plenty, especially if it's morning sun. Why not go for Adam if that's a rose you like? Reve d'Or is lovely but not exactly small. Still, it's so gorgeous and such a good bloomer, with sparse thorns, that anyone who has the climate for it should have one.


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muscovyduckling(Melbourne, Australia)

I really like Reve d'Or in some pics - when it looks like clotted cream. But sometimes it looks like a fairly bright yellow, which I don't like. Same goes for Lady Hillingdon. I guess the only way to see what they would be like in my garden is to plant them! Haha.

But my favourites from the pictures are Adam/Mme Berard, Juane Desprez and Sombrueil (even though it's pretty much just plain white).

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

I'm not sure about availability in Australia, but in those colors, the roses that immediately came to mind are:

Allister Stella Grey
Bouquet d'Or
Buff Beauty - Might have the same color issues as others mentioned above.
Celine Forestier
Nymphenberg - Not sure if it would fit your color scheme, but it can be covered in a beautiful apricot, light pink, and cream flush.

The Noisettes can get huge, but those seem like they would add some light yellow, apricot, and/or pinkish tones. I'm currently giving what is labeled 'Adam' in the US a try and it is by far the worst of the Teas I've planted. Mildew problems, very little growth, and one horribly balled bloom sum up its time here. Every other Tea has shot off like New Dawn by comparison to Adam.

This past week was unbelievably hot here -just below 100 at times- but we generally get a nice coastal-influenced average of the lower to mid 70s in Summer and a little bit cooler the rest of the year. I think Adam needs more heat than he's getting. I've heard the same is true of Crepescule.

Sombreuil -the Climber and not the Tea 'Mlle. de Sombreuil'- on the other hand has done very, very well for me. The blooms can take on an Apricot tone in the center when opening up that is lovely. I love everything about Sombreuil except for the thorns.


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I wonder if someone could comment on Phyllis Bide as an option for you. I don't grow it but it's on my wish list and sounds like it might be one you could consider.

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buford(7 NE GA)

My Reve d'Or is creamy to slight apricot. It never looks yellow to me. Lady Hillingdon is a creamy yellow and much brighter. I just won best Tea/Noisette in the Atlanta Show with Reve d'Or...

In addition to being a gorgeous rose, it NEVER EVER gets blackspot, and I live in blackspot central. It does get big, but that's part of the beauty of it.

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muscovyduckling(Melbourne, Australia)

Ok folks, I'm pretty much sold on Reve d'Or thanks to your rave reviews (thanks Ingrid and Buford). Case closed! Thanks again :)

Buford, I've seen some pics of your garden - it's just wonderful, very much what I'm going for. So I think if the colours of Reve d'Or work for you, there's some hope that they'll work for me too.

Thanks Jay for the great suggestions - I do hope your Adam perks up for you a bit. Some of the roses you listed are not available here, but they do look lovely - especially Clytemnestra. A lot of my neighbours grow Crepuscule very successfully (the big hedge of it just around the corner was what persuaded me to try growing roses in the first place), but it is a fairly bright apricot colour here, especially in autumn. Perhaps I would be able to grow Adam too, in that case, but I'll think of a less obvious spot for him, incase he bombs out like yours.

Sidos House - Phyllis Bide has caught my attention on several occasions, but I have a few rosey friends who grow her, and she has a few drawbacks - namely, she doesn't repeat much at all, she's a thorny beast, and is not exactly a mannerly grower, from what I'm told. I have actually been lusting after Ghislaine de Feligonde a bit (I know, I said I don't do yellows...) and she reminds me of Phyllis to a degree. I saw you have a nice little GdF next to a particularly lovely garden bench. What is she like for you?

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I just have to vent about Phyllis Bide - she's one of two roses I really dislike deeply, the other being Glamis Castle. Phyllis was a vicious best whose flowers went from somewhat nice to pretty ugly in less than a day, not worth the powder to blow her away with. She might be fine in cooler climates but in my garden she was an irritating eyesore.


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I just read your comment about Reve d'Or looking bright yellow in some pictures - nothing could be further from the truth. In my garden she was a soft apricot to pink-apricot, never, ever yellow. I wouldn't call Lady Hillingdon yellow either; her color is more like old gold. Julia Child is yellow, which is why I had to eliminate her from my color scheme. It's a very good rose but stood out too much from the cream, pink, and mauve color scheme I wanted.


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muscovyduckling(Melbourne, Australia)

Thanks Ingrid, I really hope RdO is that colour for me too! I'm pretty excited about it now. I know it gets rather large, but this part of my fence is abutted by the neighbour's shed.. Hopefully they won't mind a nearly thornless, fragrant, repeat flowering and beautiful rose sneaking onto their shed a bit. I know I wouldn't. But then again, these are 'lawn' folks (or that's what I call them - the types with perfectly manicured lawn, you know? And they hate deciduous trees because they drop leaves in the lawn. And they hate the little daisies that come up in the grass, etc etc. Not like me. So I don't know what they will think of a sprawly rose). I will keep it in bounds if they whinge about it.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Doesn't your Felicia already fill all your requirements? I just planted one which has not bloomed yet, but my understanding was that it would be peachy pink/yellow/creamy--all in a pastel shade, of course. She can be grown as a climber.


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Hi, M. Duckling. Oh, well, I guess Phyllis Bide is not a great favorite! Ingrid doesn't get angry very often as far as I can tell but now we know that PB is one of her triggers! I saw that Margaret Furness on HMF suggested Ghislaine as an alternative to Phyllis. In my garden she is wonderfully healthy with beautiful foliage, a once-bloomer for me but a very long flowering. Her charm is in her baby buds, which are a sweet apricot color and many flowers are apricot when they first open and then fade to white. So I love her but she may not fit your requirements. I did also want to mention that as you are blending your roses and thinking about a touch of yellow, remember those stamens. Sometimes you can count on them to do that job for you.

Isn't it fun, dreaming about your roses and planning your gardens?

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muscovyduckling(Melbourne, Australia)

Thankyou Kate and Sidos House. Kate, Felicia is lovely isn't she? She has the BEST fragrance too, which is why I chose her. I'm very excited for you and hope she blooms for you soon so you can sniff her :) But here she is definitely more a peachy-pink with a bright pastel yellow at the base of each petal, and I'm really looking for a creamy colour with hints of yellow and pink and apricot. I'm going to plant her next to Aimee Vibert and Lorraine Lee. Hopefully together they will take over a patch of fence and make some headway up the tree behind them.

Sidos, I'm glad your GdF is doing well for you, and look forward to more pics! I know she won't fit the bill for this spot, but I still think about her. Everything about this rose fascinates me - I love her name and the story behind it, her tapestry effect of colours, and the fact that she is a very rare rose in Australia (only one supplier sells her in Oz. They are an old couple and I worry about not being able to find her again if they retire). Still, I have my hands full this year, so I will have to wait a while to find a spot for her. Apparently she will tolerate a bit of shade, so I will be on the lookout in my shadier areas.

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