Dwarf/slow growing forms of Adenium, anyone?

summersunlight(5b)September 24, 2012

I am awaiting some seeds from dwarf/"mini" A. obesum and A. arabicum.

Has anyone else grown seedlings from the dwarf forms?

I'm interested in hearing about your experience if you have - including what ratio of the seedlings were dwarfs, and if they had any special care needs compared to full size Adenium.

I understand that some say that they aren't true dwarfs so much as they are just slow growing. I bought the mini obesum seed from Mr. Ko and he reports that his "mini" Adeniums require five years to mature. I'm ok with that. Should be interesting!

Thanks for any input.

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I have an obesum that I've been training as a bonsai and it has grown much more slowly then seeds from the same batch that I haven't messed with. It's going on 4 yrs (?) and is miniaturized but I have yet to see blooms. Here's a link to a post from earlier this year. It's only about 5" tall and the foliage is about a 1/3, maybe smaller, the size of a regular leaf.

Here is a link that might be useful: bonsai attempt

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I am not sure if the one I have started now is classified as a dwarf, but it is definitely growing at a different rate than any I have ever started.
All at same size right now.
This one is called 'Mini-size Sunup Star'.
They are so tiny, will be interesting to see how they progress.
Have some Swazicums, Multiflorum and a couple variegate forms started, but not necessarily expecting any variegated.
They talk of what they call 'plastic' with some Adeniums.

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karyn: Nice work on that bonsai! I think it looks great like that. Hope you update us when it flowers.

rcharles: One of the ones I'm waiting for is a mix of mini seed from Mr. Ko that is supposed to include seed from Mini Sunup Star. I am hoping that they take after the parent and will be small plants. I have enough plants of various types that it's easier for me to find space for small ones. :)

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Karyn, that is so beautiful in that bonsai pot. Very cool.
I was watching a video on how with Adeniums they plant with a plastic disc under the roots to make them grow spread out. I believe with bigger plants than you little guy. Wouldn't want to fuss with your specimen.

Summersunshine, Mark Dimmitt shows a few beautiful specimens called Taiwan Dwarf's, very neat. Says that they remain dwarf when grafted onto obesum root stock.

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Is Mr. Ko by any chance Adenium Ko on Ebay? If so, that's who I've purchased many of my seeds from. All have been fresh and germinated well, close to 100%, but I wouldn't put a lot of faith into the "names" as most have turned out to look nothing like the pics, which I expected. His statement that only 20-30% will produce pink seedlings is a bit low in my experience. I also haven't bought seeds in a number of years so maybe some of the newer selections produce more interesting plants with more characteristics of the parents?

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Well said Karyn.
Yes, Mr. Ko is Adenium Ko on Ebay.

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I believe that when buying seeds all you can do is some study and take advice from others that have been raising Adeniums for quite some time.
Although this might mean still not getting what has been described or shown on a photo, is something that most know going into it.
There is no registry for Adeniums and so many are producing plants/flowers looking similar and placing a different name to them.
When I here of people that are raising hundreds/thousands of seedling each year and still faced with question as to what they will get in the way of color. My small amount is nothing.
Quite honestly if I can grow healthy plants and end up with something unique then I will be happy.
Just my opinion.

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I think that Adenium Ko is one of the more reliable Ebay sellers but I wish that he, and others, would be more forthcoming about what the seedlings will look like. All of us here pretty much know what to expect but it's the people that don't know and believe that they will likely get a plant that resembles what's pictured in the auction that I feel bad for. I think it's a form of false advertising.

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I agree completely with you Karyn.
I guess with experience gained with other plant genus having the same results of not coming true from seed. It was no surprise to learn this of Adeniums.
The Adenium seed for sale on eBay is horrendous with not knowing if they have enhanced the color on the photo's, trustworthy etc. It makes it very tough to know how to proceed.
I just hope that people will do some homework and view information on site such as this one to learn and gain knowledge to make an informed decision.
I only want a small collection of different Adeniums for color, leaf, plant form and species.
At least that is what I keep telling myself.

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It does sound like many of the seed sellers on ebay are scammers or just clueless. I think Mr. Ko is reliable in that I believe his seeds are indeed from the plants that he says they're from - but you can never predict 100% how a cross will turn out.
Apparently some cultivars are better than others for breeding purposes. I found some information online from David Clulow (breeder in Venezuela) where he talks about how certain cultivars reliably produce good offspring while others tend to produce poor offspring. Hopefully as more of us grow these plants we can share that kind of information to help direct people to the best quality breeding plants.

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