Adenium not flowering

loveadeniumSeptember 22, 2013

Hello, i have 8 adenium but no one has yet flower, i bought them from local nursery in India when they where 1 year old, which has then flowers and bud, but after that now around 8months have pass but no one is flowering, My soil mixuter contain, coconut husk, cocopeat, cowmanure,vermicompost, every week i spray micronutrient and after every 2week fertilizer it with NPK 19:19:19....please advice me on this...
1 thing forgot to mention...its does not get morning sunlight, but its gets afternoon sunlight from 1pm till 6pm.

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Loveadenium, that plant looks very healthy, if your plants all look like that, than don't worry. They will.
Try full sun and see.

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ok...but this plant have not been growing much look same from last 3 week.... even the leaves are not growing beyond this.. any problem why it is not growing fast

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kodom087 z9a

I agree with Marie. They are looking healthy. They have minds of their own and will bloom when they feel like it. I've had a couple that didn't bloom at all this year. No signs of buds. Will have to see if they give me any next year.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Looks good to me as well...

They don't grow that fast, so that is why it takes time. We would love to see them grow faster, but we can't make them.

Mother Nature at its best..

These beauties take a long time to develop a large Caudex.

Patience.. It will happen!!! ;-)


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Thanks all....

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Hi love adenium, I have 16 plants that I grew from seed. They are all now 18 months old and are glowing with health. However I have not had a bud on any of them yet. I think it's just a case of being patient and when they decide the time is right they will bloom. Good luck
Kind regards
Averil Uk

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hi averil,

i will have patience....

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