Safer's soap (Trounce for aphids & other on Adeniums

rcharles_gwSeptember 15, 2012

Has anyone used the Safer's Soap 'Trounce' on their Adeniums?

Does it have I'll effects on the leaves and/or do you rinse it off a day later?

Many people have said to use systemic insecticide, but here in Canada

Many or most have been banned. Not sure I feel comfortable using them anyhow.

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I feel better off with Q-tips and/or cotton balls dipped in a diluted (very diluted like 10:1 water to alcohol) solution of isopropyl alcohol and water with a drop of dish soap or even plain water. Just wash the plant well. You might need to repeat this several times before the beasties are eradicated. I don't care to use any insecticides. I personally have no experience with 'Trounce' but think the Safer products are fairly safe and if concerned wash the plants off after a day with a spray of water. I'd keep any treated plants out of the sun for a day after treatment, regardless what it is.

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Thanks karyn1,
I have bunch of seedlings started this spring and there where a few aphids on them and did not want to bring them in from greenhouse without treating. Have sprayed them down with water a few times to get rid of them.
Just was not sure how the young plants would take to insecticides. Maybe alright if I do as you say and keep out of sun and rinse off after a day.

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