Moved seedlings but it might be too late

karyn1(7a)September 20, 2012

Temps were in the 40's last night and I moved my seedlings this morning. There's already alot of yellowed leaves dropping so I might be too late, we'll see. I really want to see what the blooms are already. I also began moving my smaller succulents and am quickly running out of space. I have 16 of these lighted shelves and have already filled up half with less then a third of my succulents moved : ( I HATE this time of year!

Another thing I noticed was big fat roots emerging from the drainage holes on many of the DR's. I don't know if I should leave them be to see if they go dormant or go ahead and repot. I normally don't repot until the spring. I should probably move my mature plants but am too lazy. lol

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We had low 40's here a couple of weeks ago, and one of mine was left out for about a week of night time temps of at least 42.. It doesn't seem to have suffered any ill effects. The soil was dry, so that probably helped.
We had low 30s Tue night-Frost warning- I hate this time of year too--I cant fit my car in the garage right now.

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40's was the lowest it's gotten here and daytime is still around 80 so I have a couple more weeks until I must absolutely move everything. I wasn't worried about damage to the seedlings. I am just hoping I got them in fast enough that they don't go dormant. I want to see the freaking flowers already.

Besides the greenhouses I also take over the garage in the winter. I have that set up with HID lights, no cars. It doesn't bother me. For some reason I don't like parking in the garage, even when it isn't being used for plants.

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

Theres some big fat caudex's growing there :D how old are your seedlings?

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You have quite a collection there. I have to keep myself in check, but it sometimes hard. Moved my seedlings (Adenium) in a week ago and put out for the day as day temps. are still good. I do not have your numbers.
My Pachypodiums I have had in for a bit longer and don't put them out for day.
All of your Adeniums look wonderful. I love the one in the small pot, very bulbous caudex.
Your lighting set up is great. A friend of mine uses a similar set up and has the wall at back and upper shelf lined with Milar and does it ever reflect the light.
Do your Adeniums usually go dormant with the light set up?

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I woke up to a bunch more yellowing leaves. I probably should have taken these in before they began dropping leaves. I'm not sure that I can keep them from going dormant. If you move them early enough and keep them under lights at least 14 hrs a day you can prevent dormncy. It's more the length of daylight then temps that control dormancy. Even plumerias in warm areas go dormant in the winter.

Those are all about 3.5 years old but this was the first year that I'd trimmed them back. I usually wait for blooms before pruning but these had become so lanky that I couldn't look at them anymore. Several have nice caudexes developing. I also like that almost perfectly round one. I hope it keeps that shape as it grows.

My pachypodiums are still outside. My P. bicolor has lost almost half it's foliage already.

The T5 lights are pretty decent but I like HID lights better. The mylar definetly increases the reflection but I can't use it with the T5 set up as these are against a LR wall. HID systems are so much brighter but there's no way I can use them in a living space. They're just too darn bright and they also generate quite a bit of heat. I use MH and occasionally HPS lights in the garage and don't even need additional heating when they are on. I used to have a 'plant room' in an extra bedroom and you could see the lights from the street. People walking and even driving by would slow down to look. I'm surprised that I never had a visit from Mr. Officer ; ) It really made it look like a 'grow house'.

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Those lights do cast a lot of light and I had thought about the neighbor wondering. He works at the police station.
I started so many Adenium seeds this year and was over faced with the thought of keeping them all winter. I ended up trading some to a fella close by that has an unbelievable Succulent & Cacti nursery. Took up the plants, not expecting to get anything and he started giving me plants in exchange. Could hardly refuse, although I should have. Like a child in a candy store.
I got P. gracilis, P. decaryi, Orbea, Duvalia, Jatropa (Buddha tree) and a bunch of Lithops.
Hoping that my Adeniums do well over the winter.
Thanks for all of your help,

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