Losing blooms

budsie175September 14, 2012

Have 2 DR doing nicely except some blooms are dropping off before opening.

Any thoughts?

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How old are your DR? They double, triple or single? Because if the plant still very young and the buds are too heavy, the branches couldn't support the buds until the plants get stronger and older. May be by next year.
Many of us having the same problem, but I hope your plants do better soon.

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Have no idea how old they are. got them at Walmart and they are decent sized with good sized caudex.

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Can you add some pictures?

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Not able on the pictures. They are 18" high and caudex about 4 " in diameter. The blossoms are single on the red and multiple on the white. The reds are falling.

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I posted to your other thread and didn't realize that you already has posted here. You mentioned that these were new plants in the other thread. There's a number of reasons for bud drop and if the plant is healthy you might not be able to find the reason. If you very recently got them it might just be the shock of the move that's causing the bud drop or transplant shock if they've been repotted. Some are more sensitive then others and will drop buds at the drop of a hat . Mealy bugs are also a possibility. Look carefully and see if you see any white material, especially around the pedicels (bud stem) and petioles (leaf stem).

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