Lowes DR Follow-up

irun5kSeptember 22, 2012

I ended up returning to Lowe's to buy one of the $14.95 DR's I mentioned in a prior post.

Healthy looking plant, overall:

Well, "at least it wasn't root bound." I honestly have no idea why they pot these things up the way they do.

This looks like a 3-year old seedling that has probably never been raised. I am of the opinion you get better results if you continually raise the plant, a little at a time. Even though this one has a large base it is somewhat boring and without interesting twists/curves/etc.

The end result- overall not bad for a $15 plant.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Yes, I agree, it's a nice healthy looking plant. What a good find you had there, I hope it does well for you.
Gill from the UK.

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Pretty nice looking plant for the cost. Good find.

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That is beautiful plant for $15, I hope it will bloom it head off for you next blooming season.
Your mix looks great and the pot is perfect for the plant.

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Thanks all, that is an "azalea pot" which is sold at the big box stores. I have recently switched from traditional terra-cotta pots to shorter pots and things that look more like bowls. It is subjective but I think these plants look better in those type of pots.

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Very nice plant. Thats very handy to know those pots are called azalea pots. You learn something every day. The plant looks very nice in it

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Great plant and what a deal for $15!

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Great plant,
I got one at my Lowes at clearance , $ 7.50 the other day. The girl said all plants had to be outta here to make room for Christmas stuff.
Went back later and they were all gone. Price was right.
Hi Gill.....

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