Elisabeth's China

bellegallica_zone9(9)May 2, 2014

Jerijen has written several times about this found rose, Elisabeth's China. At that time it was not in commerce, but Rose Petals Nursery now lists it in their catalog in both the Chinas and Found Roses sections. Unfortunately, it's not yet in stock.

If you've been interested in this one, add it to your wishlist at the website. (Hoping the more people who want it, the more likely they will propagate it and offer it for sale soon!)

Also, hopefully Jerijen won't mind me reposting pictures and information about it that she has posted elsewhere. The following pictures and text are by Jerijen:

(Shameless enabling...)

"Elisabeth's China" was planted on the grave of Elisabeth Stober, native of Germany, who died in Sacramento, CA at age 87, in 1881. There is evidence that the plant is quite old, and that it has been cut to the ground multiple times, and grown back.

It looks like this was planted for Elisabeth not long after she died (tho we can never know for sure). I like to think it was a rose from Elisabeth's own garden. It's very fragrant!

Frankly, the one I like best of all of them is "Elisabeth's China," -- one of the "Legacy" roses in the Sacramento City Cemetery. Elisabeth Stober's rose blooms all the time, and propagates like mad. Like most of the other red Chinas, she can be a very dark blood red, or (in hot weather) gentle her color down to shade of pink.

(Photo by Jerijen)

Here is a link that might be useful: Elisabeth's China at Rose Petals

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And another photo of Elisabeth's China by Jerijen:

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What I find striking is how perfectly the specific red tone(s) of the flowers and the specific green tone of the foliage complement each other. Beautiful!

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jerijen(Zone 10)

It IS. Now, things take off slowly in our garden -- we have to put roses in the ground in containers (gophers) and our overall temperature is (normally) cool -- but "Elisabeth's China" is really maturing nicely here now.

In its early years, it was sometimes (and sometimes not) troubled by powdery mildew -- but that has improved as the plant gained substance.

I love "Elisabeth's China" -- and I'm glad it's here.

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annesfbay(9b Sunset 15)

In my sunset zone 15 garden it has been in the ground for two years. 12 feet from three redwood trees on the south side. It is growing robustly and has only been touched very lightly with PM. The bloom color in my garden this spring is on the purplish side as compared to Miss Lowes Variety with which it clashes horribly (oh well--I'm not moving either of them since they are both very happy)! The scent is lovely--fruity to me, like raspberries, I guess.

I love the history of this rose and am so happy to have it.


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I've visited Rose Petal Nursery's website several times, but have never ordered from them. Many, many of their roses seem NEVER to be in stock. I can say the same for another Florida nursery, Angel Gardens. Have any of you succeeded in ordering roses from either of them?

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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

Unfortunately this lovely rose was another failure in my shady garden by the sea.


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alameda/zone 8

Jax, I am due 3 roses from Angel Gardens [they are in the mail!!] - one, I had almost forgotten I ordered, it took a long time to mature. Pam is great to deal with. But I admit, it is frustrating to see these roses you want on the website and they are never available. I looked at my wishlist on Rose Petals and it has been there for years - roses never available. Hoping someday they will be offered. With Vintage leaving us, I hope some of the others will pick up where they left off.

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