Sooty Mold on Desert Rose?

yumtomatoes(10a/FLA)September 21, 2012

I have a desert rose that I think became infested with aphids or mealy bugs but it may have been another bug (it was at a relative's house). Whatever it was excreted honeydew (I think) and the now it is covered in sooty mold (I think).

Usually I can get the sooty mold off of plants by first killing the bugs and then using soap and fungicides (daconil) to kill the mold. I haven't tried neem oil yet, but I will try that tomorrow.

The plant is better but still quite a bit of stubborn black stuff on it. I guess it is possible that it is not sooty mold but if so, then what is it and why won't daconil or soap get rid of it?

I have rinsed the plant many times and let it dry in the sun so it is not for lack of rinsing.

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I am no expert yumtomatoes, but if you where able to post a photo some of the others here might be able to have a better idea.

Here where I live we can get what is called 'wooly aphids'. They create a wooly white substance and we treat it with a Safer's soap product called End-All II , usually have to repeat 5-7 days later.
Usually wash off an hour afterwards so not to create damage to leaves and it is a contact product, so it has to contact pest to kill it.
This white that I speak of is not just level with surface like that of powder, it is 3 dimensional .

I am wondering if the alcohol treat that Karyn mentioned to me might work on this also.
Check it out before proceeding.

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Thanks. The plant was covered in black, nothing white at the time I got her. I had sprayed her with acephate before I brought her home.

I looked up the Safer product; it has insecticidal soap, neem oil and pyrethrins. I have used acephate, soap and next will try neem but I can't use pyrethrins due to my cat.

Where is this alcohol treatment from karyn posted?

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It is posted in Adenium section from me. Safer's soap Trounce for aphids.
If not let me know.

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