Take a Look at My Desert Rose I Grew from Seed! RED!!!

yumtomatoes(10a/FLA)September 15, 2012

I noticed a seed pod on a desert rose in early August 2011. By mid-October I had seedlings. Now my first has bloomed and its RED!!!!!! Ain't she pretty?

Luckily I was able to save her from an oleander catepillar attack. Boy can those critters eat fast!

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She is beautiful, so fresh red.
I hope she blooms more for you to make you happy.
Good work....

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Thank you Marie! I hope the flowers don't fade too much in the sun. I have had so many seedlings whose flowers start out a beautiful red but by a day or two have faded significantly.

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Woohoo it's NOT pink! That's a lovely color bloom.

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Thank you karyn - if I pot them into larger pots will that help them to not be so lanky? They get lots of sun where they are so I don't think that is the problem.

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Here is a close-up of the flower.

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That's beautiful! Great job, how exciting!

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Sorry, my cell phone camera doesn't do close-ups well. I don't know if this is any better or not. Tomorrow will tell if she fades.

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Oops, here is the pic.

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Gorgeous flower. Well done!! . How old is the plant?

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I cannot believe how much growth in a years time. Ones I planted last summer ,if they are four inches tall let alone be blooming. Great job. !!!!
I'm drooling. Lol . Must be the Florida weather. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks!! Plant is not quite a year old. It gets a ton of sun and of course it is very hot here from May through September and some years well into October.

I keep it in a courtyard as you can see from the picture that is light colored and I think that helps to maximize the light. It is a western exposure so the sun it gets is from mid-morning through late afternoon.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Welcome to the world of growing Adeniums from seeds!! Congrats on getting one to flower in such a short time, it's beautiful, and NOT pink as we can see, lol.
As for your question about it being lanky and would a bigger pot solve this...in short the answer is no. Although caudex width is increased mostly during the early years of growth you only need a pot slightly wider than the caudex and root mass. So for example, a 4inch diameter caudex a 6inch wide pot would be more than adequate. Too much compost in an oversized pot 'can' result in it holding too much water if you err on that side which 'can' lead to root/caudex rot, it can also go 'sour'.
This is my opinion you understand, others may think otherwise....the only way to stop it from being so lanky is to be harsh and prune it severely, but whether you are brave enough to do this.......?? This would force all its energy into fattening the base and push out the existing branches and other dormant branch buds which would all hopefully add to a shape that may please you more. Of course it will stop it from flowering for a while, but more branches lead to more flowers...eventually! If it were mine, I would decide which side would be it's best feature then make a sloping cut, lowest point at the back, looking at the 1st pic, the cut would be appear to be below the rim of the pot behind it, (if you see what I mean) yes really low down and see what branches you get. Sounds brutal I know!!
Watch the sap, it's an irritant and will flow freely. Not sure what you could seal the cut with as I've never cut one down as big, just read one post which suggested honey as it's antiseptic. I just keep dabbing it off as it can run down or drip, eventually it seals itself and darkens so after a few days I just wash it off with a damp cloth.
Pinching out the terminal growth point after flowering would also make the lower branches develop, but slowly, and you will still end up with a plant with long thin stems and not 'branches' as such. I and a lot of growers tend to grow our plants in pots that are dumpy, basically wider than their height.
Hope this may be of help, good luck and let us know what you decide to do?
Regards, Gill form the UK.

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Thanks for the info, Gill! I think I may try to prune at least some of my seedlings and see how it goes. I have 12 and unfortunately I do not have space for all of them so I will be giving them away as gifts.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

You're welcome. I would have a go with some if you have that many to 'play with' and see what happens. Being in Florida you should get (well I can see you already have got) very quick growth so any pruning should soon result in the plants showing you what they can do rather rapidly...a LOT quicker than mine can anyway, lol!
To give you more of an idea of I just measured my oldest/largest plant and its 8.5inches high from soil to topmost leaf tip and has a basal girth of 8inches, the others are slightly smaller both in height and circumference. It had its terminal bud pinched out only once, same with all my others, and they have loads of branches. In fact one is so dense I cannot count the branches on it! My plants are grown hard due to the conditions I have here, not only naturally but also what I give to them personally.
I guess at the end of the day, size and shape is subjective and all a matter of personal taste...as we all know!
Gill from the UK.

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Florida is good for quick growth but we also get bugs galore. Like the oleander caterpillar and mealy bugs. I was new to gardening when I started with my desert roses but have learned a lot.

I also think my desert roses that get less sun may suffer from fungal diseases but I haven't quite figured that all out yet.

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Very pretty red flower. Hope the plant continues to grow, and flower well.


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It is good to see you Frank. I hope to see you more.

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Tracy33183(FL 10)

Hi Yumtomatoes,
Congrats on your bloom. My new adenium has a similar structure. What kind is it? Have the others bloomed? Do they all have the same structure?Would you share pic updates? I have seedlings growing that I planted mid Feb/Mar but nothing yet. I can't wait. Sorry about all the questions...I'm so thrilled to hear that these are from seedlings. I'm hopeful.

Oh! My seedlings have floppy tops. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear from you all. :)

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