Looking for adenium seeds for mom

cinnie0 (z 9b / So Cal)September 30, 2012

Well my mom keeps asking me what my little seedlings look like, I told her they are starting their forth set of leaves now she wants some seeds so she can watch them grow. Does anyone have any seeds they would be willing to trade for something on my list?

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Cinnie, it is too late to start adenium seeds now. These babies take awhile to get big and winter is coming.
You can wait until Feb 2013 and order seeds from Ebay to get fresh seeds. Fresh seeds get almost 90-95% germinate.
Remember to buy the most cheapest seeds you can get, since most of them have commond color pink.
Sow them in the late March or early April to be ideal time, because they will be 7-8 months before the winter.

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If you want to start them indoors with bottom heat you can start them at any time. I've started plenty over the winter. I agree with Marie about buying inexpensive seeds and buy them from a reliable vendor. If they aren't fresh they won't germinate. Adenium seeds don't remain viable for long but like Marie said fresh seeds will give you almost 100% germination.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Email me and i will send you some seeds.. I have some pods opening now..i don't need anything in return : )

I just planted some seeds from a friend from Florida and they are doing great..

i will post a pic for you.. i need to go and take a pic and upload to computer..ill be back... : )


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cinnie0 (z 9b / So Cal)

Hi all thank you for replying. I do plan on starting them now with heat pads. Loveplants2 I just emailed you thank you.

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