What Kind of Fertilizer Do You Use on Your Adenium Obesum?

yumtomatoes(10a/FLA)September 23, 2012

I was using slow release orchid fertilizer by dynamite (10-10-17) with minors. Then I read on the Miami-Dade extension site to use palm fertilizer (8-6-6) with minors.

So I just put some of the palm fertilizer on my seedlings to see how that works. The Miami-Dade extension article said to use liquid fertilizer until the plants were mature, too, but we are having so much rain here right now that I think the granular stuff will release fast enough and I really don't want them any wetter than they already are.

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As long as I own my adenium plants and all of my other plants, I don't use anything else but Osmocote. Many people use many different kinds of fertilizer, and if they like it, they continue to use it. For me, I like Osmocote.

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Which osmocyte? I think they make different kinds. Thanks.

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I use a low nitrogen fertilizer (various brands) and micro's.

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