boncrow66May 30, 2014

My local nursery has DA's heritage and I would interested to hear how this rose has done for others. I am in zone 8 in SE Tx.

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

I'm not in your zone, but I'll start out the discussion, and hopefully folks closer to you will chime in. Heritage is a totally reliable healthy hardy bloomer for me. She reblooms fairly well in part shade, and gets at least 5 feet tall in my zone even after fairly drastic pruning for winter. In your zone, I'm sure she'd be much taller.The fragrance is nice and she's a rose that can tolerate part shade and doesn't get as much blackspot as some Austins. You're in a dry zone like me, so I don't think you'd have the blackspot troubles that the east coast does.

The main concern I've heard about Heritage is a tendency to rust, which we rarely if ever see around here. If you don't have frequent rust troubles, I recommend it.

Here's a picture of mine from last year. It's only half of the bush - I couldn't get the other three feet at the top of this picture into the shot and still show the detail of the blooms.


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Thanks Cynthia! Your picture sold me on this rose. I went to the nursery where I saw it last weekend and bought it this morning along with 2 zephrine drouhin. I am very excited!

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

That's great, bowcrow - we're always happy to be enablers for more roses here on GardenWeb! Enjoy your roses and post another picture in a few months when they've settled in and keep us posted on progress. I hope they all do very well for you.


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About your other purchase: I planted Zephirine for my mom in Dallas. Zeph has been great. Give her good air circulation--not smack against a wall. Give her ime to establish and she will rebloom. Pretty darn healthy in a no spray garden. Fragrance is heavenly. You have wonderful taste in roses, Boncrow! :-) Carol

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Clarion(RI 6)

We've had 2 for a couple of years now. When the 1st one bloomed we found the flowers so enchanting that we purchased a second one! The second one is in the sun, but still young.

The original is in part-shade and always did surprisingly well there. Until this year, that is. She looks scrawnier/leggy-er than usual in her shade spot, and only a handful of buds. I've been wondering about cause and cure?

Anyway, we find this rose divine.

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buford(7 NE GA)

It's a good rose. It tends to get long canes. Here is a Heritage in a garden where it's been staked to grow vertical

You can't tell from this picture, but Heritage is about 7 feet tall.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

If you prune to a framework around 4', it will stand up but still arch gracefully about 6' wide.. Cut any climber-like canes back to 3'.

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Thanks everyone! I am very excited about my Zeffies and my heritage. I don't normally plant this late but I had the itch and couldn't pass them up. I put the heritage in between the Zeffiies but made sure I left enough room for everyone to spread out and do her thing. I have decided to tie the zeffies back to the deck when they get tall enough and then let them naturally cascade. I am going to add shorter growing roses next year in the front of these roses. I am having fun picking out roses and this forum has been the biggest help. Everyone has such great advice and has been so nice. Thanks to everyone who chimes in and offers advice. I love hearing about ya"lls roses and seeing all the beautiful pics!

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I don't have much to add except that Heritage is a favorite rose of mine. I hope yours will do beautifully for you -

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My Heritage is wimpy and scarcely grows. Quietness, which is growing next to it, is much better. But I saw Heritage in a public garden just North of Orlando and it was magnificent, huge and floriferous. Maybe it prefers heat.


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gringo(z8 VA)

After seeing these photos, I'm so glad I ordered this one for my sister. She couldn't make up her mind, to decide & said "you chose it" & it was one of several on her list, but it's the one I had sent, from Texas & boy is she gonna be happy when it turns out looking like those shown above. I told her it was likely a good choice, as she wanted to plant it below the deck, so the flowers would be at just the right height....

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I love this rose. I have two plus the white sport ROSE-MARIE. It is one of those few roses that grows well on its own roots, and cuttings root very easily.

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Harborrose pic was beautiful! Molineux I would love to have the white sport Rose-Marie, do you know where I can find one to order?

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Clarion(RI 6)

I agree with cath41, and I am also in zone 6: Wimpy. Beautiful, but wimpy! And I have 2 on opposite ends of the garden. One planted in 2011, and the other in 2012, so I am sill hopeful that it is just an adolescent phase. Still, any tips would be appreciated. They just started blooming now (sparsely) and I am contemplating chopping them down to 12" or 18" after the 1st flush to see if I can spur some new, stronger canes?

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cziga(Zone 5 -Toronto)

I just picked this rose up as an impulse buy yesterday, and am now thinking I may have made a mistake.

It looks and sounds lovely, no question, but also sounds large!

I'm near Toronto, zone 5, and I'm wondering if anyone around here has a mature specimen of this rose? I'm unsure of where to put it in my garden, I don't have too much space. I'm pretty sure it is grafted onto a hardier rootstock, almost everything is up here, so I'm guessing it will grow pretty tall???

For me, tall isn't so much of a problem as wide would be. Can anyone give me an idea of how wide I might expect this rose to get? if you have one, how do you prune it in the spring? Can you keep it in control with spring pruning?

The spot I had in mind is full sun, prominent location just inside the gate to the garden. There is a post above the gate that taller "octopus" canes could be tied to, and a clematis planted beside it on an obelisk. It would be replacing a not-hardy plant that died over our polar-vortex winter. I'm just getting very worried that it will end up being too wide for the location and spill out to block the gate or strangle the clematis. Is this a thorny rose? Medium or heavily fragrant?

It would also be located close to Pretty Jessica which is a much smaller, compact rose here. I'm guessing Pretty Jessica would be the darker pink of the two colours?

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

cziga--She is nearly thornless, so is good for near a walk or gate. The fragrance is delicious and consistent. Color is much paler than 'Pretty Jessica'.

As to size, I don't know how much cane you would lose in a typical winter. Here, where it is cane-hardy, it is about 6' wide pruned as a shrub. New basals grow 6-7' long. It can be grown as a short climber. You might be able to keep it in a 4' wide space, cutting back some after every flush, but I haven't tried that.

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Mine is a week in the ground and already showing new growth. I will not be happy with a wimpy plant as it is in a spot where it will be seen all the time so I am counting on a full bushy plant. I placed in this spot because of it's spreading habit so I hope she does what she's supposed to :). Will be keeping my fingers crossed. Any advice to achieve the desired look will be welcome too

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

boncrow--standard shrub pruning. I usually leave them alone the first year and loosely stake any weak canes. Next spring, prune to a self-supporting framework of main canes, maybe 2' high. If the subsequent laterals arch, cut them back by half after flowering. In each following spring, prune a little higher than before, preserving some of the branchings that have developed. When the plant is mature, prune to around 4' each spring. If it produces big climber-like basal shoots, let these bloom and then cut them back to 3-4'. 'Heritage' has a good shrub habit and will make a dense, slightly arching plant for you.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

cziga--instead of Heritage, you may want to check out a different Austin--Scepter'd Isle. Lovely light pink blooms, floriferous, fragrant, some disease-resistance, about 4-5 ft tall and only 3 ft wide--more vertical rather than round bush-shaped.

Mine is still fairly new, so I can't report much from actual experience, but it was highly recommended by many GW posters back when I was trying to decide which Austin to buy, so many others have high praise for it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Scepter'd Isle at helpmefind.com

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Michaelg thanks for the advice. That's pretty much what I was thinking but wasn't sure as this is my first year planting DA roses. I am going to follow the same advice with my golden celebration and Evelyn. My GC shot out a seriously long cane and I have it staked but if that's the only one it has I may cut it back after it blooms. I have all my Austin's around a tall deck and I want them to grow tall and bushy.

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

Cziga- for what it's worth, I have both Heritage and Scepter'd Isle that Kate mentioned in my zone 5 garden. Both have a fairly upright narrow growth for me, though Kate is right that Scepter'd Isle is more reliably narrow. My Heritage is less than 3 feet wide at its widest point, without the careful pruning Michael mentions, but it's also in part shade which could affect its growth. For my part, I'd take Heritage over SI, both for the thornless nature and for the scent. Heritage is a mild but pleasant "rosy" scent, and Scepter'd Isle is a stronger definite musk scent that I don't care for particularly.

Either way, these both should be healthy and hardy in your zone.


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Heritage blooms best with plenty of water for me.

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cziga(Zone 5 -Toronto)

Thank you all for the advice and comments. I appreciate it. I have decided against placing Heritage where I had originally thought. I don't think there is enough space there and I don't want to always be worrying that it is too crowded width-wise.

I found another spot, close by but slightly wider, and I think that will be a good place for the rose. When you guys say "almost thornless", how "almost" are we talking? The plant I have isn't crazy thorny like some roses can be, but there are thorns. They are spaced fairly far apart, but still thorns. Not like Reines Des Violettes, which I consider basically thornless. Is Heritage supposed to be like RDV, or are there some thorns? I want to make sure I have the correctly labelled rose here :)

DublinBay - Scepter'd Isle looks beautiful as well, and I always like compact suggestions, but I had already bought Heritage (impulse buy) and just need to find the right place to put it. But next time I need a narrower pink rose, that's definitely a great suggestion! :)

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Some stems have a few thorns, some none.

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Update on my newly planted heritage...... She is putting on new growth and looking great. Hope to see some blooms in a few weeks. She was a little scrawny when I bought her due to being in the shade and snacked on by deer but now that she's planted in a sunny spot and not bring nippled on she is growing and I can't wait to see her bloom!

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