11 month old seedling grafting

kodom087 z9aOctober 1, 2013

Well, one of my 11 month old obesum seedlings had a little root rot. I ended up cutting off one of the larger roots to remove the rot. Last night I was thinking about going ahead and grafting another seedling to it for a twin trunk look and after the suggestion came from another adenium addict friend I bit the bullet and decided to do so this morning.

The first pic is the one that had some root rot but shows after I removed the root. Then the other pics are of it's future partner, before graft, the look I'll end up going for and then all wrapped up.

Oh! I chose another multi branched seedling as I thought it would look better over all rather than having one that only had 2-4 thick branches. Although now that I'm thinking about it...it could have looked cool as long as the lesser branched would have been quite a bit taller. Sorry, thoughts in my head and now I'm rambling! LOL


Sorry for some of the blurred pics. I used my cell phone as the battery is charging in my good camera.


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

You are not rambling just open thinking. I saw this video on youtube where adeniums somewhere in Thailand or India had been side grafted together to form an interesting caudex (almost like a prime rib). I will be interested to see how this will work out. Keep up the good work. Paula

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Great job, Kirk! Aren't you even the least bit tempted to add a third?


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kodom087 z9a

Thanks Paula & Pagan!

Actually, yes, I'm tempted to add a third but figured I could do one at a time if it's successful. I'm also tempted to go ahead and do some more of these with some of the remainder of the 9.


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Kirk, it looks so cool.
Keep the photos coming.

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They are nicely developed for 11 mths old, also the caudex part, IMO. Very interesting project, Kirk. And we are all waiting to see how it turns out. Good luck.

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Well Done Kirk.your plants looks healthy for their age.i like to read your posts all the time.it contains daring ideas and great tips.
i was actually thinking to do the same thing with my seedling-(once the seeds arrive)- you beat me to it. lol
since you have done the graft do you care to share your method how did you do it?(haven't grafted side by side graft before)
did you hang it to air dry for the wound to heal?or you just put it back in a moist soil?
i think it will look good with a third one.i would do it know to cut on the stress time for wound heal.anyways whatever you decide i bet it will be a nice HUGE plant.(God willing)

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kodom087 z9a

More pics will come if successful, Marie. That you can count on. I need to do an updated pic of the graft I did onto a cut off root a while back. It's still doing very well and it's interesting to see how the graft point is changing.

Thanks, Otis. These were my first seedlings to germinate and experiment with. I'd trimmed the tap root on their first repotting. When they were about 3 months old I pinched the tops off and they burst out in several branchings.

Thanks, Ahmed. All I did was cut the large root off that had some rot, then decided to take the other seedling, cut off one of it's large roots and join them together. My thinking is that all layers of both plants would be joined much like doing a regular grafting on top. I then wrapped it in Parafilm Grafting Tape. I haven't replanted in soil as of yet. I did place it in a plastic container to keep it dry but perhaps keep in the humidity like how people bag the grafts of branches. I'll be keeping a close eye on it. I may only leave it in there for a few short days. I was debating just letting it lay on a shelf or hang it.

Fingers crossed all turns out well.


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Have a question. Normal scion to root stock graft works because the scion has no choice but to rely on the root stock for water and nutrient intake. So the graft would take. But in this case, you are leaving each plant's roots on. Just why would a plant want to fuse itself to another in this case, when they can each still rely on their own roots?

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kodom087 z9a

Good question, Tolip. I have no idea what the answer could be as this is a total experiment for me. I'm hoping that being in the root zone that there will be enough active cell regeneration to heal the cuts and allow for the fusion to take place.


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kodom087 z9a

Just an update. A very sad update. The graft had taken and eventually went into dormancy. I was out of town for several days and on my return I noticed that one side had started shriveling at the top. I picked it up and the mush had already started down into the body. I had to sever off one plant to save the other. I was not happy but what can you do but chalk up the loss and plan on replacements.

I will be attempting this experiment in late spring/early summer for a second try.


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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

What a bummer Kirk. It would have almost been better if it didn't take in the first place. Good luck with it again this spring/summer, it was a very interesting experiment!


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