My cuttings

Melody26October 5, 2013

Hi all,

I had great help from here with my 1st DR couple years ago. Now I would like to share my cuttings with you. Have a great weekend.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Super healthy looking trees to me. Keep up the great job you are doing. Paula

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Beautiful cuttings!! Great job and lookin very Green!


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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Melody, are you saying you grew those all from cuttings? Will you share your method for planting them and getting them to root. I never have luck with that and you seem very successful! They look awesome. Thanks.


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Thank you Paula and Chuy.
Hi Heather, I trimmed the mother tree in mid March. This is the way I did.
The cuttings about 6" long. Dust cuttings with rootone and put them in an opened box for 4 days inside the house. Place the cuttings in the moist rooting medium. Firm the soil around the cuttings and water again. I have 3 pots. One of them used HD top soil. Another one used Lowes top soil. The other one used Lowes top soil with half perlit. Leave them in shade for 3 days. Then move them to direct morning sun for about 4 hours a day. Water them every other day and everyday in hot days. They took about 8 weeks to root and all doing fine. They are all in full sun after rooted. The picture is the mother tree in mid May.

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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Thanks so much Melody, that helps so much! I think perhaps my issue might be restricting water too much. I'm trying your method next.

Couple more questions though if you don't mind, what size was the longest/largest cutting that was successful, and also, did you slice all the leaves off of the cuttings or leave them on?

Thanks again so much.


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Great results and mother plant too!....Well done!
Gill UK

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Thank you Gill.
Heather, you are very welcome. Most of my cuttings were about 6" long. Some long cuttings were about 8". All of the diameter 1/2" cuttings rooted very well. Only few of the tiny ones did not make it. I did not slice the leaves off because after 4 day sitting in the box many of the them dried out and fell off. I think the most import thing is the soil must be very well drained. I put only about 3" thick of the soil for the cuttings and the pots with lots holes in the bottom.
Hope your cuttings will make it next time.


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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Thanks again Melody, much appreciated. I have more hope now lol.


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That was great result Melody with your cuttings.
I never get that kind of luck.

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Hi Melody. Nice flowers on the mother plant and interesting cuttings. Never seen them grown so close together. Just curious, will you be separating them later on? They all look very healthy.

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This forum saved my plants from certain death as well, Melody. These guys rock. Nice forest, by the way. In a wider, shallower pot, with some top-dressing and some props, you have yourself a scenery!

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Thank you Marie. Thank you all!
You guys make me feel very lucky with the 1st time rooting the cuttings.
I've never thought about putting a single cutting to each pot. I put as many as I could instead. LOL....
Well, see what will happen next spring. I will keep you guys posted.

You all have a good night.

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