HELP Something Took a Chunk off the Roots:/

aloefreak1(8 AZ)October 31, 2012

Today when I was watering my C&S I noticed that soil had been dug up and thrown from all my pots. I took a look at all the plants and none of them were harmed, except for my A. Obesum... All of the smaller roots from the base were uprooted and a chunk of one of the main roots was missing. some of the dirt at the base was missing (was dug up about 2-3 inches down) and since the chunk missing is buried I'm worried about root rot or some sort of infection. I have a jackrabbit problem here in AZ so that explains that :/ I was wondering what precautions I could take to keep this part of the roots safe.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!!

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Aloefreak1, I am sorry that happened to you. Cover it with cinnamon powder to seal the scar. Please take a picture if you can for us to see. I hope notthing else happens to your plants.

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I'd unpot the adenium and allow the damaged area to dry for a few days. You can sprinkle with cinammon like Marie suggested or any type of fungicide. Once the area has dried a bit go ahead and repot.

We have chipmunks that occasionally dig up potted plants and squirrels that bury nuts in them. You can use crumpled aluminum foil over the soil or cover the pot with chicken wire. It's not attractive but will keep the critters from digging.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Good ideas above, but if you want something more natural looking why not try some pebbles, boulders, chippings or rocks over the soil to deter animals. Even wire netting and any of the above would do. Hope this helps!
Gill from the UK.

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aloefreak1(8 AZ)

Thanks for the advice! I put cinnamon powder on it and am going to cover the soil with rocks. As far as unpoting it I didn't bother because it was just about completely dry by the next day. These jackrabbits have already attacked just about all my fruits and veggies and nibbled on just about every large C&S I have :/

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aloefreak1(8 AZ)

I just had one last question. It just popped into my head that DR's are toxic, would it be possible that the jackrabbit is gone for good? I hate to sound inhumane, but this rabbit has been sampling EVERYTHING.

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It could be toxic to human, but I am not sure about animal.

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Most animals can sense when they nibble on something toxic. They'll leave it alone after the first small nibble so the DR probably isn't toxic to the jackrabbits. I have loads of plants that are toxic to humans that get eaten and I haven't found any critter corpses.

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