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gwannouncementsOctober 17, 2012

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, we've been sprucing up the site a bit. Among other things, we've added new ways to upload photos and email notifications of post replies. We are still cleaning out cobwebs and weeding some areas of the site, but we are also working on some bigger projects like a better search engine (yay!) and a mobile app. We'd also like to get some feedback from you. What enhancements or additions would you like to see? What do you love? What do you hate? Think big and small!

We can't promise the moon, but please know that we will read and consider every one of your ideas and suggestions. We appreciate your loyalty and dedication to our site and we know how important your community is to you. Help us make it even better!

Please use this post to offer your feedback. But, as always, you are welcome to contact me directly by clicking on my profile page.

Best regards,

Tamara Amey

GardenWeb Community Manager

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I would very much appreciate if GardenWeb can improve on loading up pictures more and one at the time without upload them into photobucket. I saw other site, that one can upload pictures 10 at the time without needing an account in Photobucket.
Everything else is great. Thank you so much for providing us with a great website on gardening.

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

i agree. I dont have photobucket and can only post one picture per comment on a post so I need to comment several times to get all my photos uploaded...

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A live chat option would be nice, to talk to other members.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hello Tamara! Firstly, can I say that I am so pleased that the forum is proving very worthwhile as we seem to have new faces appearing regularly again. I had thought a while ago that it seemed to have 'dried-up' but you folks have not let me down!! It's great to log-on (I try and get my DR fix on a daily basis, lol!!) and see the enthusiasm of fellow Adenium growers here.
As regards new features, I honestly have little to suggest. I have not actually uploaded pics recently so was not aware that they can now only be added one to a could previously add multiple pics one after the other before couldn't you, and you know how we all like to see pics!!! A live chat would be awesome!!
Anyway, all the best Tamara.....Gill from the UK.

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Hi there folks, yes I agree with Locoguy that a chat option would be brilliant!!! Hi Gill, I hope you are well
Averil (UK)

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I love the idea of an iPhone app. I am newer to the community, but I have used these forums for many useful tips. We had a very severe drought here in Arkansas this year. I was able to purchase a lot of new plants on clearance, and advice from this forum has really helped.

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Hi everyone!

You asked and we listened. Today we are very excited to be debuting our newest feature -- post editing! To use this feature, go back to the post you wish to correct and you'll find the link under the 'My Clippings' links on the right side of the page.

I want to give a special shout out to all the testers who tried to break the editing tool. ;) Your feedback was insightful and invaluable. Thank you!

You may have also noticed that we adjusted the login cookie awhile back so that you should not have to login repeatedly.

Stay tuned -- we have more cool things in the works!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

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Hello Tamara

Would it be possible to add a little info on who and when the topic was started beside the title at every post? Take for example this particular topic started by you. It could look like this:

RE: GardenWeb needs your feedback! started by gwAnnouncements on Wed, Oct 17, 12 at 16:25

It's just a little convenience as discussions gets longer requiring a few pages, or sometimes gets revisited after a long break.

Thank you.

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So is this the place for feedback or should I do it somewhere else?

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Hi Tolip,

Thanks for your suggestion. I will definitely add it to our list for consideration!



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kodom087 z9a

Perhaps a "First unread post" link at top of pages instead of having to scroll though long threads.


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haworthia(8 Virginia Beach)

I agree with kirk. I think the most recent response should come first instead of having to scroll all teh way down to read the most recent response

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Hi again Tamara

You could also add a post/submit message button direct on first page beside the preview button. This would allow posting direct instead of having to go through the step of previewing if one is sure and not requiring any change(normally the case for text only postings). Previews are normally required only if photos are attached.

For that matter, a bigger message edit box would be ideal for easier spelling check before posting.

Thank you.

This post was edited by Tolip on Wed, Dec 5, 12 at 22:13

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