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stampstudioOctober 6, 2013

Have any of you done business with ebay seller 9greenbox in Mira Loma CA ?? I bought some plants and so far they seem to be of a decent size. Also purchased 10 Desert roses off a guy name sam carson in Minn. Good prices at $5 ea. Love these desert rose plants and i have almost a 1000 plus different plants beside them.
Bill Kemp

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Have you any photo's?
I have not used that seller, although they could not ship here to Canada anyway. I took a look and he has some interesting plants and atleast in same State as you. Nice for shipping or pick up.
Have you seen Living Stones website? They have some nice stuff and I believe there is a connection to Mark Dimmitt there.
They have a Adenium 'Crimson Star' (swazicum cultivar) that is beautiful and is known to be very flouriverous. It is a single, but beautiful.
Not sure if you can order from Arizona?

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I just ordered my first adeniums from 9greenbox. I ordered 2 Harry Potters and 1 Triple Spin on eBay. Didn't have any problems with them. Plants were well packed and arrived quickly.
Was a little anxious before there arrived when I found out some customers on Amazon received wrong or poorly packed plants. Time will tell if I received the varieties I ordered.


measurement is from soil line to top of plant

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WEll about 20 emails later to these people they finally sent a refund on the Desert rose White Angel. (they advertise on Ebay showing this with Varigated leaves.
Well i twice recieved one with green regular leaves. They don't understand english so forget dealing with them The refund came in Euros.
Now the other 4 i bought i hope have the right color flowers.
Buyer beware.
Bill Kemp

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Update on my purchase from 9greenbox. I ordered 2 Harry Potters (singles) and 1 Triple Spin (triple). The last of the three just bloomed.

Number 1 was Triple Spin

Number 2 was also a Triple Spin

And number 3 was ...... Triple Spin again!

I'm not sure how I feel about this. They sent me three of the more expensive of the two varieties I ordered but I was really looking forward to seeing the flowers on Harry Potter.

Not sure if I would order from them again.

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It is a beautiful flower, but when you are purchasing grafted plants. One does expect to get what they have ordered. Not the same as starting from seed and the unknown is expected. Could be a very honest mistake, but I am unsure when you ended up with 3 of the same.
Definitely worth a message to the seller. Probably will ask you to send one back?
If you are wanting to order within the US, I believe there are others to order from, Adeniumrose seems to have favor from people here.
Rinoa from Taiwan has spectacular plants and very reasonable prices with speedy shipping.
Worth a try,

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