Grafting and Pruning Question

yumtomatoes(10a/FLA)October 28, 2012

I am grafting the main stem of my seedlings using scions from another plant. The seedlings have lower branches that I have not yet grafted because I don't have enough branches on the scion donor plant to use to graft all of the lower branches.

My plan was to see if the grafts take and then if they branch, use those branches to graft the lower branches of the seedlings. And hopefully at some point the scion donor plant will branch more, too and I will have more scions to use.

However, that may take a long time since we are now getting cooler temps here. So I was wondering if I can just cut off the lower branches or is that a bad idea?

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If it is for me to make a decision, I will cut the lower branch, saving all my main energy of the plant to care for the scion. After the scion take, than if new branch come out, you can keep it, and later graft more color on to it.

Please post a picture or pictures for us to see. It is kinda late into the year, but nothing to loose if you don't try.

Good luck.


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I would also cut the lower branches. I am a novice at grafting adeniums and haven't done that many but they seem to take more easily then other plants I've tried.

I might be tempted to wait until March to try your grafts just in case you have another unusually cool winter. It was cold as &*%! down there a couple years ago. I'm used to the occasional cool winter day in S. FL but it was cold for weeks at a time. I felt like I was back home instead of in West Palm!

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Here is a picture of one of my seedlings that I grafted yesterday (main stem only).

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This is a picture of the graft close-up.

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I noticed after grafting it's not covered up to keep moisture in. Also leaving the huge leaves on may cause the scion to lose too much water.

May I know if the graft is sucessful?

Any pic?

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