Just got adenium

greendale(6B)October 12, 2013

Hi, enablers and adenholics:)

Have been reading this forum for some time now and thinking about get an adenium this coming spring. But I went to lowes this morning to get...what was I suppose to get?...anyway, there they are, on the clearance rack, although I am not sure how I am going to overwinter it, but for $5, I think I would give it a try. And pig I am. I got both of them from the clearance rack. And thanks for Laura's (hi, Laura) wonderful post about bare root and repot. Now they are in their new gritty mix home.

And now the questions:
One of the adenium is leafless, but the caudex is firm, is it in dormant? Do they lost all the leaves when they go dormant?

When I repot, I lift the caudex and expose some root, should I not doing that since they are going into dormant period ?

I do not have grow light, should I put them in total darkness after they go dormant and wait for spring? Or should I give them the premium estate( e.g. South window)?

Thanks a lot, now I am one of the gang.

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Bare rooted, roots are very health

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In their new home

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I would definitely repot them.
They may be dormant, but the loss of leaves could have something to do with their care while in store. I would treat as dormant.
They can lose leaves completely and sometimes in winter if they are receiving strong light, they can retain their leaves. Even then, you need to reduce watering as you would with a completely leafless plant.
You could raise a bit, but with the caudex's you have on those, you have beautiful caudex's without raising any more than what shows now.
After repotting in gritty mix. You would probably be safe now (fall/winter)
Having in south facing window. In summer, I would keep in filtered sunlight until starting to leaf out.
Mine stay in south facing sun room all fall/winter/spring and then full sun most of the day in summer.
You got a good find and where probably supposed to have them, I say.
Good on you.

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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Nice big plants! What a deal! Never see anything that good at my Lowes. They look awesome, I like the curve on the one on the left especially.


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Wow!! Unbelievable steal!! Great looking adeniums you have!!


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Wow I have been trying to get my Lowe's to get some adeniums. They have in the past. Great score and what a big toe on that one. Paula

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Welcome to the forum, pleased to see you have found 2 great plants to start you off...there will be more...you have been warned, ha-ha! Wow, and at such a good pice, that's fractionally over 3GBP, incredible!!!
Good info from Rick as regards their care, as always. Looks like you have already done the re-pot. Are the new pots much larger, they look of a similar size? The mix is better so that's good. You may find that those thin roots will struggle being in the air, they can dry out especially if they do not actually 'go underground' at some point, it's hard to tell from the pic. If it has plenty of others it would do no harm to trim them off close to the caudex with a sterilised sharp knife...if you chose to of course!
The angle the last pic is taken at makes me think the pots look taller than they are wide, again, its hard to tell precisely. Reason I mentioned this is Adeniums are not terribly deep rooted, but they do tend to spread themselves out sideways and this can also help stabilise bigger plants later on. If you look at some of the pics on here and elsewhere on the web, growers often chose pots that are wider than they are tall to balance the appearance of their plants. Just a thought for you to perhaps bear in mind if you chose to do another re-pot either now before they get established in their new home or later on at some point.
Just my opinions...good luck and hope to see you around with even more plants...and flowers of course!
Gill UK

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Greendale!!!

Looks like you found the same clearance rack at Lowes that I found in the repot thread!! Great find!! ;-)

Everyone here is so helpful and I'm glad you found some beauties to start...I think you did a great job with the bareroot and repot!! Great ideas from everyone too!!!

The loss of leaves was probably because of the conditions they had to put up with at the store. Shedding leaves is the plants way to help keep its energy levels up if if seems to be in shock. ( lack of proper watering or other conditions) Mine sometimes shed after repotting too. I wouldn't worry about the leaf loss, it will produce leaves soon. I'm sure it is much happier than where it was since you gave it a new home and new soil it will respond right before your eyes!!

Great job!!!

Over wintering you will also see leaf loss so don't be concerned about that. Some don't water in the winter, but since I use the gritty mix and I know my roots won't root as fast as if I used a heavier soil, I water once a month just to give the roots a drink. Even when's it is dormant. Just a little..

You will see what is best, keep it close to the best light area in your home and it will be fine!!

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Adenium side!!!

So nice to see you!!!

Take care,


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Hope you will have beautiful flowers next year.


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Wow, thanks for all the messages. I feel so warm and overwhelmed. It's like getting into a party late and everybody has something to tell me and I just can't talk back quickly as I wished.

Thanks for the assurance of raise up the caudex, and the south facing window for overwinter, ( thought put it into total darkness to save the window for my other plants :).

I like the curve on the left too, but also like the right one for the more spreaded branches. So, to solve the dilemma, I got both of them:) maybe I am lucky that they are different colors (quit impossible though :)

Thank you. I think they are quite great looking too.

I never saw them around here too, at least from last year till now, as I have been lurking in this forum for that long already.

Thank you for the tips. I will wait for the root decide which I will trim, if some dry up, then I think it safe to trim these, and I will do that maybe in spring as our winter is not that friendly to plants. The pot comes with the plant, it was in the plastic black pot then put in this clay pot. And the clay pot has drain hole and is wider than tall, I will have to make do with these pots until spring comes, the. I will have more pots to choose from.

Thank you for the watering tips and all the helps you provided as always. Wish I will have some flowers on them next year like yours. I will watch them closely for this winter.

Thank you. I will post pics if I do get them to flower

Again, thank you everyone

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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

I recognize those pots. I purchased one from Lowes (smaller plant, more expensive price!) last month and it had that outside pot. I used that pot to plant mine directly in also. I found it to be the perfect size, terra cotta and not too tall at all. Can't wait to see what colors you got! The Lowes here actually did have many different colors, just smaller caudex and not discounted yet.


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Just some (sad) updates of how my adeniums are doing. One (the one with leaves originally) started rot from its branches one month ago. Now it only have one branch left. What worse, the main trunk start rotting I think. Should I cut it all off? The other one is still firm. Can not wait for warmer weather.

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The rotting main trunk, should I cut it off to the caudex? Should I I root the whole thing to check the root? Thanks for any tips.

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Check for rot at the roots and the base of the plant, it doesn't look promising to me.


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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

What a bummer! I wonder what happened, too much water and cold? I have gotten spontaneous rot before and would have sworn I did nothing wrong, so I feel for you. I agree the roots should be checked for rot, and I am no expert but I think most advice will say all rot should be cut down to clean caudex and dried out before potting back up and watering very sparingly if at all for a while. I'm not sure about that main branch....it looks like it goes down pretty far, but I would be afraid it would spread down more if it isn't already down farther. I can't tell if it goes all the way around or just the one side.

I hope others chime in if they disagree.


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Greendale, you can cut all the rot part off and let it dry. Don't plant it until warmer weather. It is okay to leave it dry without soil for 1 or 2 months.


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Thank you all. So, I cut off the main trunk 2 days ago and today I checked, it getting worse, there are places on the caudex that are mushy. I cleaned the soil and wrapped it in a paper bag. Let's hope for the best. Do I need to cut all the rotting part off. I am afraid if I cut all the rotting parts, there is not much left. And good I got 2. At least I still have hope for another one.:)

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If you don't remove all the rot, it will only spread to the rest of the plant.


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I do not mean to be a pessimist, but I believe that this plant is very likely past reviving. It looks as though the rot continues right down through to caudex and ?.
The rot will travel within the cambium layer and if not cut off early/completely it will continue.
With this plant if you keep cutting you will have nothing left to salvage.
I am just giving my opinion from what I can see and have dealt with myself.

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hi Greendale,
feel for your loss this plant is almost gone that's true

none is stopping you from trying

do try to salvage it

i have 5 plants hanging in shade since 6 MONTHS for warmer temperatures

1 of them is almost as bad as yours i haven't given hope on it because i have an example from last year rot plant
it had 3 main roots out of wich 2 were completely gone
then what i did ?
cut those 2 hang in shade with a string for 2 months ,it all dried nicely then repoted it giving support with help of styrofoam [cut ends were exposed above soil level] only the healthy part was in . kept in shade for 20 days then partial sun , then full sun . vola it worked it did not die and now after 5 months you can see new roots arising at the exposed edges

i'll remember to post photos tomorrow and there after when i replant it .

where did i learn this at adeniumsindia.com just go through that site

it worked for me and i was thrilled
this incident actually hooked me to adeniums then i started searching adeniums blogs and i stumbled on garden web and then there was no turning back
laura, heather, rick , marie, melody ,soradeep and so many more friends to help yes yes i have not forgotten Al the encyclopedia God knows from where he gets the energy to answer so many times same questions over and over again
you simply can't ask him a new question that he has not answered in the past but he answers with such enthusiasm that it fills you with new vigor , new josh
God he is great


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I did some operation today and I do not think it is saveable. It rots pretty deep into the caudex. Please do not tell me it is still saveable as now it is outside in the snowpile :)
Hope my next update would be a flowered adenium. Thanks all for the help.

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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

So sorry, I know how sad that is. Same thing happened to me last year, I cut rot off and it just keep going up up up. Nothing viable left when done, like yours. No, I would never imagine that yours was saveable. I'd like to say I learned from my mistake, but like you also probably, I can't figure out what I did wrong. We just continue to do our best right?

Cant wait to see the next flowering updates!

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just an update on the one adenium left. It survived. Yay!

It has been making buds even before leaves appear, but the buds keep drying up/shrinking. Now it still have some buds, what do I do to promote the buds become flowers?

Thanks all.

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I can understand your dilemma as I have dealt with this on a few aswell.
You want to check on a few things:
Not too much water or too little.
Your fertilizer has all of the elements and micronutrients. Usually in premixed fertilizers.
That you are giving it fertilizer.
6-8hrs. Full sun.

When I was dealing with this on one plant, many said, do not over water during blooming time. Also, that it may just be something lacking and in time it will produce. I am not knowledgeable enough to deduce what it is lacking.
I still have some that bloom very well and some small buds just abort.
Check out some of the things mentioned.

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hi Grendale
any update ?
Rick is rich in knowledge I'm thankful to him for so many of his advises , follow what he says
I would like to add a practical point
don't allow your buds to be soaked .
don't water in mornings always after around 2 pm in afternoon
both of these advises I got from the Masters at GW

besides I feel your plant is not getting enough sun, I maybe wrong coz I'm still not a Master yet but I do feel the plant is not as happy as it should be
it certainly needs a hard prune whenever your temperature zone permits for me it's August last after the monsoon
but you can know yours by asking here
happy gardening

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