Black Purple and Phatuma adenium.

ltran54(9)October 14, 2012

I brought this Black Purple early this year and now for the first time it blooms for me. The flowers are not so big and standing up straight. I like it that way. It is much dark when looking at it, but the camera light makes it lighter in the pictures. I try to take it without flash, but still much lighter than in real life. So many more buds still not open yet.

Some one gave me this plant few weeks ago, the plant didn't look healthy, but one bud opens for me. This named Phatuma. I hope by next year it will look better.

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kodom087 z9a

Those are pretty blooms. I'm partial to the Black Purple one. It has a lot of interesting characteristics.


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Marie, what can I say? Yet again another lovely flowering DR and what a healthy looking plant also....just fantastic, you are so lucky.
Gill from the UK.

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Thank you Kirk and Gill.
I noted the first bloom on this plant felt off today, it lasts 7 days. If the pot small enough, I bring it in the shade, the bloom will last longer in the shade.
There are so many smaller buds open now.


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Think the bloom on the black purple is rather pretty!

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Neysa, thank you for many nice commends you left me on few other threads. I hope to see you more on adenium forum and pictures of your plants too.

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Marie, I only have one plant from WalMart last
Year. I want to make sure they wont die on me first like my plummie did!
I think the dr will be easier for me. The plummies are so pretty but I love the fat claudex on the DR so much more!

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Hey Marie,

Where do you buy your adeniums?


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Hello Josette, welcome to the forum.
I buy my adenium many places. Mostly in Houston.
PM me, I will give you few sellers in Houston. None of them using internet.


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