variegated seedling

karyn1(7a)November 26, 2012

I came across this pic in my PB album. I'd forgotten about it. Unfortunately it reverted to solid green foliage after a year or so. It was highly variegated for several months but slowly began losing the variegation. I don't know if that's common with variegated seedlings or not. My only other variegated DR was purchased as a mature plant and has kept the variegated foliage.

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That is so neat Karyn. I wish they held their variegation as seedlings.
I had asked a similar question and it is very common for the seedlings to revert back. I have planted quite a few seeds and different varieties (all variegated forms) and I had two start, but always so much slower than other non-variegated.
I would like some day to just buy one. Would prefer seed grown over grafted, but may not have the choice.

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Karyn, I never see a variegated seedling.
Rick, I also prefer seed grown over grafted variegated.

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I have this one right now, I hope it stays this way!

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Mike it's pretty. I hope it hold it's variegation. My mature variegated plant is not a graft. I haven't pruned it so it's not well branched but I might prune it in the spring and use the cuttings for grafting.

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