my adeniums

somalenese(10a)November 28, 2013

i am posting my adenium pics
most of them are in pathetic state

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my best DR
it is with me since @ 5 years i have never pruned it
repoted it in august this year but since then it is doing badly

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bought it 6 months back
notice there are no leaves on trunk only tuft of leaves on the crown of the branch

the one on the left got rotted 3 months back so i used Styrofoam beneath it after cleaning the caudex just 1/10 of roots were remaining its doing well now solid as a rock thinking of repotting it this feb

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my recent addition 1 month back


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one of the bad doing adeniums
no flower
no leaves


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They look good to me!

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What soil is it that you have them planted in?
Not sure where you are from, sorry don't mean to be impertinent.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Anurag!!

I also would be interested in the mix you are using.. It looks a little solid and compact ..this may be causing the trees to not perform to their best ability. Roots are the key to a happy tree...Just a thought.

Take care,


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sorry guys I have been away for vacation so could not post...

thank you kayjones

thank you rick

thank you laura
for replies...

my potting soil is the biggest problem with me it is really bad.
I have 2 types of soil which I am using.
1. river sand + cow manure both 50%-50%
2. clay+cow manure 80%+20%

both are very bad at draining and
create too much problem in rainy season


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I am searching for substitute since march this year but now I succeeded in collecting some
these are:-

3.coarse river sand
4.coco peat

things I am still searching

1 osmocot
2 turface

of these two not sure which one will I get.

but let's assume I have these 4 now how
should I go about it
how to prepare good potting soil with the 4 constituents that i have
Kindly help me on this so that i can start potting in Jan end

Thank you guys you are the best

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Hi Anurag,
I can understand the difficulties in finding the ingredients for a soil mix and you will find what is available to you to acquire a similar mix.
I know that Sundaram and many Australian growers use coarse particles of manure in small percentages with coarse river sand. Some use a product called 'Quincan' (a lava rock of sorts).

With what you list, I would use

40% Perlite
30% Coarse river sand
10% sieved cow manure
..? Coco Peat. This can be very water retentive but if you live in a climate that is very hot and pots dry back so quickly. You may be fine with it. Big thing would be to manage the amounts of water they receive. If in climate with rainfall then you need to keep watch on this.

I do not use Vermiculite as it holds water also.

Things to watch for
Grit, usually granite. Sold here for chickens as scratch.
Pumice. (used in concrete blocks)

Peanut shells (unbrined)
Cocnut husk chunks

Hope this helps. Definitely omit the clay.

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thanks a ton- rick

you said
40% Perlite
30% Coarse river sand
10% sieved cow manure
total 80%

rest 20%

will it be small pebbles or some thing else
want to be sure 'cause i'will be replanting DR's in 1st weak of feb so want to be ready with all items at hand after mixing them (sundaram advises to mix all ingredients and keep for 1 to 2 months before potting

one more ingredient i will get soon- gypsum but how much should i use it ?

i will be trying for osmocot or some kind of time release fertilizer
normal NPK i already got 20-20-20 but they said i have to use it in spray . can't i use it in the potting soil or in irrigation water ?


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Hi Anurag,
I left out the other 20%, because I was hoping that you could find grit, lava rock product or coarse bark. Something that will help keep the soil from becoming compact and to stop fine particles washing to bottom of pot and making soil become stagnent.
With the manure, make sure only large particles and well aged also.
Do they have orchid or reptile bark where you live?
I would mix a bit of what you have and moisten it. Then take some in your hand and squeeze it. When you open your hand it should fall apart and not stay as a ball.

As for the gypsum. I believe if you search the whole site (not just Adenium). There is a post by Al explaining wroughly how much gypsum to add to a mix. If I can find it in my file, I will send it through.
The fertilizers can be hard to find as they are not all readilly available to each of us where we live.
If your 20-20-20 is of a water soluble type. I cannot see why you cannot use as a soil drench.
The slow release, I would not get overly concerned about as long as you can feed regularly with other.

I hope that you can track some other product to use in your mix. If you have to start ordering it in, it can get costly.
I hope that someone else can help and possibly give some other options.

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