Repot now ?

gymnmore(z8, LA)November 13, 2012

I recently picked up a DR on sale, and the roots are starting to come out of the bottom of the pot. I willn't usually repot anything now, but I'm not sure if I should. Any suggestions? Thanks ~ Judy

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If you want, keep it on the dry side.
Very little water.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It's probably not a critical decision if you were to just sit tight for a while .... and are we really talking 'repot', or just 'potting up'? For a repot, I'd wait until May when the plant is starting to grow in earnest. Repotting now ensures a long and slow recovery, leaving the plant more susceptible to disease and insect predation for longer than necessary. Of course, you can pot up anytime, but the more water-retentive your soil is, the more you need to guard against over-potting.

If you think your plant would definitely gain from potting up now, why not do that - pot up into the next size pot using a soil similar to what it's in now, then do a full repot in May into a soil that holds little or no perched water.


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Plenty of my adeniums have roots emerging from the drainage holes and I have no problems with them going dormant. I wait until spring to transplant. If the soil your plant is in is holding water I would transplant into a well draining mix but if the exposed roots are the only issue I'd wait until spring.

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gymnmore(z8, LA)

Thanks for the replies. I think it is going dormant, so I will wait till the spring. ~ Judy

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