Adenium Towers - Interesting to see

rcharles_gwNovember 11, 2013

These are Adenium Towers. Photo's from Anuch of Thailand. Anucha is a very friendly gentleman.

Wonderful plants,

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Rick, amazing plants, glad I got to see what is possible - this is probably what results when you let the nature take its course... An argument against pinching the tops for me... But, then, maybe what is possible in Thailand is not necessarily possible in my conditions...

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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Amazing! I wonder how old these are.


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I just about fell off my chair!!! lol I think some are taller than me ;-) wow-- just stunning to look at!! thanks for sharing. I think I have about 20 years to go. lol


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i've seen these around already,but they are far from natural shape. They are grown in sort of "tunnels" where the tip of the root is in the pot, and all of the rest is above in a tube filled with media. each time they are lifted and tubed up to encourage the root to grow only at it's tip. i think it's called anaconda form but i'm not entirely sure.
I understand and appreciate different tastes, but this form is the absolute ugliest thing i have seen in adeniums :))

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Many thanks for your post, interesting to see they are called towers, I suppose we would call them standards, like the way standard Fuchias are grown. Also interesting to see the way that stems are straightened. I have a few seedlings that have grown tall and straight as in the pic. They have not been trained in any way, think I will try to grow them as standards and see what happens. The tallest plant was sown November 2012 and the others sown December 2012. They are from Mr Ko seed. The tallest plant stands 22 inches tall.
Brian UK.

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I like those seedlings Brian. Yes, they do remind me of standard forms also.
A gentleman here has a remarkable private nursery and he had a plant similar to yours. Probably 3' tall and it was in bloom. Gorgeous.
I think there is a difference (atleast for me) with these tall clean trunked forms as yours, because they are self supported and symmetrical in appearance.
I do not like the Adeniums I have seen growing naturally with no pruning.
They look unkept and messy.
My 'boehmianum' is growing in a similar fashion and some of the true Soco's I have seen photo's of are similar.
Thanks for sharing, Brian.

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jv44(Zone 4 MN)

I'm with you, Teyo--these "tower form" adeniums are just butt-ugly to me, too. Just a matter of personal appreciation, though, as many others seem to like them. Adeniums for me--short and fat is where it's at! Flowers are a bonus.

Mike in MN

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When I go home, I will plant adeniums in the ground and let them do what they want. I'll have contorted adeniums in pots and emancipated adeniums in the yard lol

I think my cat will have a thing or two to say about that tower.


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I don't like these tower shape. I like them short, fat and full....

Only my opinion.

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Pretty interesting pictures , but I to feel like fat is where it's at lol, I love a short fat plant the caudex is the most important part of the plant to me , the flowers are just Icing on the cake, thanks for sharing it is nice to see what others grow.

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LPBridge(8 (VA))

Fascinating! I personally love the tower formed ones and prefer them slightly to the short, fat sorts. But what I love most is the diversity itself! Just like people, diversity in plants is a beautiful thing. It, to me, shows the infinite creativity and glory of God! =) Thanks for sharing!

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